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Side Effects of Hair Colour

Maximum population in the world covers their grey hair with hair dye or colour without any fear or side effects because hair colour brings the lost age back. Moreover, according to young generation colouring hair is the fun and also they enumerate some new funky shades with all possible experiments. Today’s human beings are living in the era of toxins that are hazardous to mankind as well as the environment. Side effects of the hair dyes that need to be aware of: Asthma: Thousands of people in the world have allergies from several minute things like pollen, dust; saw dust, mold, cosmetics and chemicals. According to some studies people using such chemical products such as hair dyes are more susceptible to respiratory disease with a high risk of asthma. Brittle hair: Ingredients present in hair dyes loose moisture from the cuticle scales and thereby making them dry, shine less as well brittle. Burning skin: Chemicals present in hair colours may cause skin reactions, including burning sensations, redness, flaky skin, unbearable itching and discomfort. That is why it is recommended to perform a patch test and observe it for 2 days just before colouring. Visit a dermatologist if the allergic symptoms persist. Cancer: According to experimental studies it has been proven that chemicals present in the hair colours can change the sequencing of DNA in human and cause various types of cancer. Dangerous culprits used in hair colour: PPD: PPD stands for para-phenylenediamine which is used in darker shades and is prepared from coal tar, petroleum based chemical like benzene, naphthalene, phenols, aniline, and other chemicals. It is also used to preserve wood, but its contact with skin is avoided to prevent skin allergies. According to some research studies PPD when used with Hydrogen peroxide is hazardous and ultimately lead to cancer. Hydrogen peroxide: It is responsible for stripping away the natural colour of hair and changes the structure of hair and makes them brittle. Ammonia: Ammonia produces a burning sensation as it opens up the hair’s cuticle. DMDM Hydantoin: It is a known preservative that is responsible for releasing formaldehyde chemical and causes irritation and affect the immunity. It is also used in manufacturing of herbicides, floor waxes, polymers, colour photography, latex paints, cutting oils adhesives, coping paper and inks. Parabens: Methylparabens and Propylparabens are the two most common parabens preservatives that are extensively used in hair care products, cosmetics and are responsible for causing allergies and skin irritation. Lead Acetate: Lead Acetate causes anemia and produce neurological disorders. Resorcinol:  Resorcinol is a toxic chemical responsible for causing scalp irritation and also disrupts the endocrine system

Earthen Pot Water – Still be Safe to Drink

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Life is Precious – Strictly Avoid Hidden MSG in the Food Stuffs

Monosodium Glutamate is generally known as Ajinomoto. It is a white crystalline sodium salt and is the main ingredient for enhancing flavour in the Chinese cuisine and finally, it has been moved from Chinese food to the Indian kitchen. No doubt its addition increases the taste in many foods, but, its regular consumption can be… Read More »

Join Carpooling – A best possible way to save the planet

Car pooling is a practice in which more than one individual is traveling in a single vehicle. It is so, beneficial that the number of people sharing a single car mean, less number of vehicles are running on the road.  It is a forward step to make the environment neat and clean by reducing air… Read More »

Gemstones- Provides Strength, Peace, Health and Prosperity

Diamonds, emeralds, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire, amber, opal, jade, topaz, garnet and many more are the gemstones also known as lucky stones as well as birthstones. People love to wear these priceless and powerful stones as they have healed medicinal powers that protect us from the negative powers of the concerned planets and also they are… Read More »

Ultrasonic Pest Chasers – Best way to repel mosquitoes

Ultrasonic pest repellers are the devices used as a substitute for avoiding inhaling toxic chemicals and fumes of mosquito killers and repellents. It is the non poisonous method of repelling pests responds to the ultrasound. Ultrasound is the highest frequency and powerful waves and is not sensitive to the human ear because a human ear… Read More »

This Holi Spread the Colour of Love and Care

Holi is a great festival of Hindus and is celebrated by playing colours in many regions of the country. People celebrate this colourful festival with their friends and family members by spraying coloured water through pichkaris, eat sweets, visit temples and give blessing to the young ones. Holika Dahan or bonfire is an important event… Read More »

Conserve the Natural Resources and save the Planet

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Wheat is Bad for Health if you are Gluten Intolerant

Gluten intolerance is associated with the celiac disease and an immune response to a particular protein named gluten, which is found in wheat and other cereals such as spelt, barley, rye, oats, etc. Gluten contains two proteins, gliadin and glutenin and among the two proteins people react negatively with the gliadin part. While kneading the… Read More »

Identify The Real Gold Jewelry at your Door Step

By performing some simple experiments at home one can easily identify the fake and real gold jewelry like checking for stamp markings, attraction towards the magnet, density test, nitric acid test. Further, scratching of gold jewelry against the ceramic surface is another method for testing real jewelry. Marking Test– Most of the gold jewelers mark… Read More »