Food Passes Through X-Ray Scanners During Security Check is Safe or Not?

 X-rays are the form of electromagnetic radiations and produced when charged particles having sufficient energy hit a material. X-ray scanners used at malls, cinemas, metro stations, bus stands and airports for security check at very low radiation levels as compared to that used in irradiation of food. The radiation levels used for food irradiation can be 10,000 gray, whereas, only 0.5 gray or less can be used by a cabinet X-ray for security screening. The radiation level normally acquired by the things scanned during screening by X-ray system is 1 millirad or less. 30,000 rad level is used in food irradiation for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in food preservation and thus making it safe and preventing from food borne illness. Anyhow, commercial X-ray system is much less powerful than a commercial food irradiation machine. Because during irradiation of food, the food is exposed to high doses of radiation in order to destruct all the pathogenic microorganisms present.

x ray scanner machine testing labs

There are not known harmful effects from eating food, drinking beverages, taking medicine, or using cosmetics that have been passed through the X- ray screening system at malls, cinemas, metro stations and airports or courthouses during security checks. These things will not contain radioactivity when it passes through X-ray cabinets. So, it is also safe and does not cause any hazard to pregnant females and children. There are neither short term effects, nor long term effects on the food or other items that passed through an X-ray machine. Rather, the system can also destroy some organisms that reside in the food and making it safer to eat. Many X-ray surveillance devices operate at such a low level of dose that they don’t affect the photographic film and electronic instruments. It’s important to note that X-rays are a form of radiation; it does not mean that it is radioactive or produced by the radioactive substances. So, there is nothing to worry about.

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