Identify The Real Gold Jewelry at your Door Step

By performing some simple experiments at home one can easily identify the fake and real gold jewelry like checking for stamp markings, attraction towards the magnet, density test, nitric acid test. Further, scratching of gold jewelry against the ceramic surface is another method for testing real jewelry.

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Marking Test Most of the gold jewelers mark their stamps (by denoting the karatage of gold) on the gold jewelry designed by them.

Magnetic Test It is another method for identification of gold purity. If the jewelry sticks to the magnet, then the jewelry is not real because real gold has no magnetic attraction and does not stick to the magnet.

Density Test This test can be performed by placing the jewelry in a beaker of water, if it sinks, then, the jewelry is of real gold because gold has greater density than any other metal.

Acid Test For, performing this test, nitric acid is used. By putting some drops of nitric acid on the gold jewelry shows no reaction as, gold is a non reactive metal whereas, fake jewelry changes its colour.

Scratch Test On scratching the real gold jewelry against a ceramic plate or tiles leaves a golden streak, however, dark or black coloured streak observed in case of fake jewelry. Discoloration occurs in the false jewelry on wearing this.

The most accurate tests for testing the purity of gold are performed by using fluorescence spectrometers (XRF). Such type of instruments sends X-rays through the tested sample. The atoms of the tested material become excited and move into a higher energy state and release energy in the form of radiation while returning into their ground state. XRF detects as well as read the radiation. By observing the radiation, we can easily find out the material by which the jewelry is made of.

We can also clean the gold jewelry at home by adopting simple and small process of cleaning with the household articles like dish detergent, water and tooth brush. Take small amount of dishwashing detergent or soap into a bowl containing water; soak the gold jewelry into the solution for at least 15 minutes. Now, take out the jewelry from the soap solution and gently clean the surface of jewelry with the help of a soft bristled tooth brush. Finally, rinsing is done with warm water and then, dries it with a muslin cloth. The gold jewelry leads to shinier as well as brighter.

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Keep the mobile phones longer and save the environment

In our today’s lifestyle we cannot live even a single second without cell phones and become an important part of our life as these are the fastest means of communication and further, it helps people to connect with each other at any time and from anywhere. In other words, we can say this technology of communication is the boon, but, due to luxurious lifestyle people frequently used to replace their old mobile phones with the new one as an average in about 18 months. People have its addiction because there are so many features available in a single handy device and as the time passes these mobile gadgets continuously gaining attraction of people as well as many facilities. It is the communication, where a signal is transmitted via electromagnetic wave through radio frequency signals. While using cell-phone, electromagnetic radiations are produced in the form of heat, which consists of ionizing radiations and cause harmful effects. These radiations negatively affect the neurons near the ear and skull region and people using these electronic gadgets are prone to several issues like migraines, deafness, memory loss, headaches, burning skin, high blood pressure, hot ear, restlessness. Growing children absorb much more radiations from the mobile phone than adults and leads to smaller heads, higher tissue conductivity. Further, arsenic, lithium, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury and zinc are the poisonous components in mobile phones seep into the ground water when disposed in the landfills and disturbs food chain and cause several health issues. Dumping of mobile phones is not only hazardous, but manufacturing of new cell phones is also very dangerous and both are responsible for the changes in climatic conditions. People used to carry them in their pockets and mobile phone release radio frequency radiations that are greater risks of brain tumors. Lead, mercury, cadmium and hydrochloric acid are the hazardous toxic wastes emitted by the electronic devices into the environment when buried and burned improperly. People throw their old phones in the garbage which go to the land fill and ultimately toxic lead from coatings and nickel and cadmium from batteries reaches to the ground, water and air. These toxic heavy metals cause pollution and taken up through inhalation, drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food which causes a weak immune system, renal failure, heart failure, lowered IQ, infertility and neurological disorders in human beings. People used to carry them in their pockets. However, Li-Ion batteries lacking heavy metals, but due to high chemical reactivity, can cause environmental pollution. Further, it is also responsible for underground fires and extinguishing of underground fires is not an easy task. So, it is our duty to encourage each and every person by organizing workshops, seminars, campaigns, etc. to take the responsibility for sending their old phones to the recycling organizations and help in protecting the environment in which we live.

save the environment

By following these steps, we can save the environment-

  1. Restrict the habit of frequently changing cell phones, this can save your money and time.
  2. If you want to upgrade your mobile phone then, give the old one to the needy person.
  3. If the life of the phone which you are using is finished, send it to electronic recycling organizations because it is very necessary to reuse, recycling and proper disposal of mobile phones to save the human health as well as the surrounding atmosphere.

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Tamra Jal- A Natural remedy for several problems

Drinking water stored in a copper (Tamra) vessel is called as ‘Tamra Jal’. It is beneficial to drink this water after storing overnight or at least eight hours. On storing water in a copper utensil for drinking purposes, the copper softly leaches into the stored water and contribute all the good qualities of copper and its best quality of the stored Tamra Jal is that it does not become stale on storing for ‘long duration’ of time.

tamra jal

Drinking Tamra Jal is beneficial for human health in several ways:

  1. Copper helps in the cleansing and detoxification of the stomach, it regulates the functioning of liver, kidneys, proper absorption of nutrients and removal of waste matter from the body. For better results, it’s good to drink this stored water in the early morning on an empty stomach. Copper has the ability to stimulate the peristalsis action of the stomach that aids in proper digestion and assimilation of food. It also kills harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and helps in the healing of ulcers and infections.
  2. Regular consumption of water stored in a copper vessel helps in weight loss. It aids in the breakdown of extra fat remove it smoothly.
  3. Copper has good anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory in nature, it readily cures and heals the wounds of the stomach and it also helps in boosting the immune system and growth of the body.
  4. Copper also has antioxidant activity that helps to fight against free radicals, which are responsible for the aging process. Copper helps in the construction and repair of the skin and thus replace the new with old one. Hence, it is a natural remedy for slowing down the process of aging and helps in looking at least 10 years younger.
  5. Copper helps in reducing the risks of cardiovascular ailments by regulating the blood pressure, heart beat and blood cholesterol levels. It also prevents from the onset of cancer due to strong anti-oxidant properties. It also stimulates the proper functioning of ‘brain’ by transmitting the nerve impulses through neurons. It helps in the synthesis of phospholipids which are important in the synthesis of myelin sheaths that cover neurons and prepare the brain for better functioning and working.
  6. Due to anti-inflammatory properties of copper. Therefore, consuming copper infused water is the best option to get rid of the aches and pains of joints in case of arthritis. Further, it is helpful in preventing the communicable diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, etc. as it is the cheapest source for destroying harmful microorganisms present in contaminated water. Store water in ‘copper vessel’ and enjoy it without any fear.

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Keep ocean blue- Marine life is dying in numbers

Anything which is present in the marine environment that causes harm is known as pollution. There are different types of pollution in the sea like plastic wastes, oil, chemicals, agriculture and industrial wastes and sewage waste as these pollutants can interfere with the life cycle of several aquatic lives. The largest natural water body on the Earth are oceans, which provide habitat to the various animals and plants, but due to a variety of human activities, the marine life is now adversely affected by the marine pollution. Now, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the world in keeping the natural water bodies neat and clean so that the aquatic life can grow and flourish well.

Keep Ociean Blue

Pollution enters into the water bodies by different ways:-

  1. Sewage waste: Sewage polluting waste directly enters into the ocean by sewage, rivers or drainages. This toxic waste reduced the oxygen levels in the water and so decreases the chances of survival of the marine life.
  2. Industrial toxic waste: Disposing of the toxic liquid into the ocean, as a source of industrial and agricultural waste, create ocean pollution that adversely affects the aquatic life. As the temperature of these hazardous chemicals is high, they alleviate the ocean temperature also known as thermal pollution which directly affects the marine life. These chemicals deposit in the internal tissues of the animals, leading to infertility. Aquatic plants and animals cannot exist at elevated temperatures and ultimately collapse. It also affects the process of photosynthesis by stopping of sunlight.
  3. Through oil spills: Oil spill is the most destructive and it is a great source of pollution in the ocean. Crude oil has existed for several years in the sea water and is highly toxic to aquatic life, marine animals died due to suffocation and it is very difficult to clean. Ships are also responsible for the noise pollution, which disturbs the life cycles of aquatic lives.
  4. Littering: It is the huge source of water pollution in the ocean, it occurs when the garbage, including plastic debris, polythene bags, man-made waste are blown through the wind. This waste cannot degrade and remains suspended in the water for years. Small animals got confused and caught the plastic waste for the food and died slowly over a period of time and these small animals later eaten up by the big animals. Animals that died in the majority due to this plastic waste include seabirds, sea turtles, fishes, sharks, crabs, seahorse, starfish, jelly fish, dolphins, crocodiles, penguins, etc. Further, the contaminated aquatic animals are then eaten up by the humans, gets accumulated in their body that leads to cancer, infertility and birth defects. Thus, ocean pollution severely affects the entire food chain.

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Water Talk: Reducing your Exposure to Lead from Drinking Water

Lead is considered as a heavy metal which is hazardous to us. Lead is accumulates in blood mostly by consuming water contaminated with lead. Infants, pregnant women, kids and old aged persons are susceptible to the poisoning of lead. Consuming drinking water is one of the major causes of lead poisoning it is mainly due to the old pipes that distributes water to the houses and also through the plumbing system of our houses. If the drinking water is hard, then it increases the chances of leaching of lead and copper into the water.  Repeated lead exposure leads to lead toxicity that results in: stomach ache, abdominal cramps, vomiting, muscle weakness, coma, constipation, insomnia, headache, irritation, loss of appetite, tiredness, anaemia, memory loss, confusion, renal problems, high blood pressure, numbness or tingling, hypertension, heart palpitations. In children lead toxicity includes:  neurological damage, aggressive behaviour, less developmental skills, intellectual disability, lower IQ, delays growth, difficulty in learning. It is all due to lead because it will accumulate into the body and tend to be stored in the brain, bones, and in some vital organs for decades. The toxicity cannot be cured, but the possible side effects can be reduced by reducing the exposure to lead.

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It Can be Reduced by:

  • By using lead free plumbing fixtures.
  • It is suggested to analyze the water samples regularly for the testing of pH, hardness, alkalinity, calcium, chloride, TDS (total dissolved solids) and corrosivity index.
  • If the water sample persists an odour then it is also advised for the microbiological testing.
  • If you are in condition of confusion about the contamination of water with lead, then there is an urgent need for the analysis of lead in water by any of the certified, approved and reputed laboratory.
  • Regular blood check-up for lead.
  • In case of need, then do not panic and contact physician.
  • Stop purchasing painted toys for your children.
  • Use cold water for the preparation of foods and drinks because cold water contains less lead content.
  • Your home should be dust free.
  • Teach your kids for washing hands before eating.
  • Only use lead free paint.
  • After lead testing, if the level exceeds then consume filtered drinking water.

Water Test

Spectro Analytical Lab offers all the facilities and instruments for testing quality and all the safety parameters related to water. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Hand Sanitizer kill Germs, But Produce More Harm Than Good

In our day to day lifestyle people are more conscious, aware  about their health that’s why they frequently using hand Sanitizers, gels and wipes in kitchen, wash basins, classroom, office, day care center etc for killing of germs, microrganisms. Using of hand sanitizer has for and against property. As we see they cleanup our hands but on the other side if unfortunately it swirl to mouth then it’s become harmful . Because it contains chemicals like Triclosan, Alcohol , Parabens,  Fragrances, Antibiotic resistance etc.

Harmful Chemicals Includes :

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Triclosans:- Reduces the growth of microorganisms. It causes more harm than good i.e. it disintegrated into dioxin in the body. According to a study by the American Chemical Society it was observed that it disturbs the functioning of hormones, stimulates the growth of cancer and stop functioning of brain cells.

Parabens:- Prevents the bacterial multiplication, but in spite of this it produces several health problems like cancer, hormone disruptions, cancer, neurotoxicity and irritation to skin.

Ethyl Alcohol:- 65% ethyl alcohol is the key ingredient in alcohol based hand Sanitizers . Consuming these by the peoples and kids makes them drunk . It can also be absorbed via inhaling its vapours. Moreover, it is extensively used in cosmetics for increasing the absorption of other ingredients, means that mixing anything with it, will penetrate easily via skin pores into the blood stream. Most of the hand Sanitizers also have a rubbing alcohol named isopropyl alcohol (a petrochemical) a neurotoxin. It produces toxic effects if absorbed even in small doses.

Fragrance:- If we want to purchase hand Sanitizer then , go for the unscented one because fragrances are associated with different kinds of allergies, dermatitis, effects on the reproducive system. Phthalates used in hand Sanitizers for making the fragrance last longer, but they are known as endocrine disrupters.

Antibiotic Resistance:- Buy the product that does not labeled with antibacterial although it kills bacteria, but the body develops a resistance against antibiotics that also promotes the resistance to bacteria.

It has some upsides , that it decreases infection rates in short time , but it’s more downsized by routine use of alcohol etc.

So , don’t use hand sanitizer, it will harm , kill the life of a human being .

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