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Identify The Real Gold Jewelry at your Door Step

By performing some simple experiments at home one can easily identify the fake and real gold jewelry like checking for stamp markings, attraction towards the magnet, density test, nitric acid test. Further, scratching of gold jewelry against the ceramic surface is another method for testing real jewelry. Marking Test– Most of the gold jewelers mark… Read More »

Keep the mobile phones longer and save the environment

In our today’s lifestyle we cannot live even a single second without cell phones and become an important part of our life as these are the fastest means of communication and further, it helps people to connect with each other at any time and from anywhere. In other words, we can say this technology of… Read More »

Tamra Jal- A Natural remedy for several problems

Drinking water stored in a copper (Tamra) vessel is called as ‘Tamra Jal’. It is beneficial to drink this water after storing overnight or at least eight hours. On storing water in a copper utensil for drinking purposes, the copper softly leaches into the stored water and contribute all the good qualities of copper and… Read More »

Keep ocean blue- Marine life is dying in numbers

Anything which is present in the marine environment that causes harm is known as pollution. There are different types of pollution in the sea like plastic wastes, oil, chemicals, agriculture and industrial wastes and sewage waste as these pollutants can interfere with the life cycle of several aquatic lives. The largest natural water body on… Read More »

Water Talk: Reducing your Exposure to Lead from Drinking Water

Lead is considered as a heavy metal which is hazardous to us. Lead is accumulates in blood mostly by consuming water contaminated with lead. Infants, pregnant women, kids and old aged persons are susceptible to the poisoning of lead. Consuming drinking water is one of the major causes of lead poisoning it is mainly due… Read More »

Hand Sanitizer kill Germs, But Produce More Harm Than Good

In our day to day lifestyle people are more conscious, aware  about their health that’s why they frequently using hand Sanitizers, gels and wipes in kitchen, wash basins, classroom, office, day care center etc for killing of germs, microrganisms. Using of hand sanitizer has for and against property. As we see they cleanup our hands… Read More »