Air Purifiers- Best possible way to fight Indoor air Pollution

Delhi the capital of our country is one of the most populated and polluted cities in the world and people die every year due to wide exposure to air pollution. Air pollutants are present in the atmosphere in the form of minute solid particles, liquid droplets and in the form of gases which are responsible for producing hazardous effects in human, animals and plants.  Examples of outdoor pollution are smog, emissions of dangerous gases from vehicles, power plants and industries. Indoor air pollution is 10 times more dangerous than outdoor air pollution, because the pollutants are present in more concentrated form than present in outdoor air and further, people spend more time in indoors than the outdoors. The indoor air toxins cause signs of premature aging on the skin, because skin naturally loses its moisture and elasticity and people look older at a very early stage. To minimize the hazards of indoor air pollution, installing air purifiers in the homes is the best possible way to save the lives of the family members. Air purifiers are the instruments that help in removing pollutants from the air and so, improve the quality of air. These appliances are very useful for the patients suffering from asthma, respiratory disorders and allergies. These can be easily installed, for residential and commercial (schools, hospitals, industries, etc.) purposes. Air purifier consists of a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters that help in purifying the surrounding air by removing 99.9% dust particles greater than 0.3 microns, pollen, pet dander smoke and all the pollutants present in the air. Thus, air purifiers make the environment dirt and odour free, which are the root cause of all the types of infections and allergies and produce harmful effects. Indoor air quality can also be improved by creating no smoking zone, keeping the floor neat and clean, only use natural methods for cleaning and avoid the use of synthetic air fresheners.

Indoor air Pollution

Spectro Analytical Labs have fully accredited facilities for testing the quality of indoor and outdoor air that contain various pollutants. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

One More Feather in Our Cap: BIS for Safety Testing of Electrical & Electronic Products

BIS for Safety Testing of Electrical & Electronic Products
Electrical and Electronic Product Testing Labs

Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd., Greater Noida has successfully added another benchmark by achieving recognition through BIS in the field of Electrical and Electronic Testing for Safety Compliances of various Consumer Electronic Products like Audio, Video and similar Electronic Apparatus as well as Information Technology Equipments.

We will be now providing top class facilities to meet the compliance of ‘Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order 2012’ (Requirement for Compulsory Registration), mandating standards adopted by the Govt. of India.

Spectro: Certified for RLA Studies

Spectro has always kept itself on a platform of constantly multiplying its scope of services in diversified fields. We have ascended the next step of success by achieving one of the most prominent approvals from Central Boilers Board. We are a certified Remnant Life Assessment Organization and also a well known Material Testing Laboratory.

We provide in-service Inspection for RLA Studies to ensure Safety and Integrity of equipments of the Thermal Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants, Petroleum Refineries, etc. for maintaining the operating capacity for a longer period of time.

RLA Studies in Delhi

Get Trained @ Spectro Weld Institute

welding training institute“To practice what has been preached” .With this motto in our minds, SPECTRO provides excellent short-term courses, full time Training programs making the trainees competent to enter the Profession of Welding and Welding Inspection. Spectro Weld Institute moulds its trainees to Class Welders through advanced courses not only relevant to current needs of the Industry but also for future developments. The Faculty is Certified by AWS (American Welding Society). Spectro Weld Institute not only trains welders, but also provide industrial services to corporations whose needs are beyond general welding requirements such as product inspection, testing, welder qualification, consulting and in-plant training seminars.

In addition to our student training programs, Spectro Weld Institute offers industrial services to

corporate clients to cater highly qualified staff technicians who are capable of delivering efficient output with customized services tailored to match an organization’s individual needs. Our Charter reflects quality training to meet industrial needs & helps its participants gain employment through skills achieved during the Training.

The courses are selected, designed, and scheduled with the objective of preparing students for employment opportunities within the welding field. We frequently survey industries to determine the modifications that should be made to keep our programs updated and relevant to the demands of employers. Welders who actively participate in the training are bound to get jobs in Shipping, Marine, Heavy to Light Engineering Fabrication, Automobile, Petrochemical, Fertilizer Units both in India and Abroad. Continue reading “Get Trained @ Spectro Weld Institute”