Gemstones- Provides Strength, Peace, Health and Prosperity

Diamonds, emeralds, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire, amber, opal, jade, topaz, garnet and many more are the gemstones also known as lucky stones as well as birthstones. People love to wear these priceless and powerful stones as they have healed medicinal powers that protect us from the negative powers of the concerned planets and also they are familiar for enhancing the spiritual power of our body and keep us happy, healthy and wealthy. In other words, they are known for energizing and healing the health of people, suffering from dangerous illnesses, which makes them so precious and important in our lives. Gemstones are mostly made up of minerals whereas, pearls are made by a living sea organism, named oyster. Gemstones with various colours and powers are worn by the people that should be very close to the skin in order to ward off evil from their lives with a trust that, precious and powerful stone energize us by stimulating positive energy and dispels negativity that bring peace, love, happiness and prosperity. Gemstones have always been considered as precious for bringing peace, prosperity and happiness in the life. According to astrology there is a relationship between nine gems and nine planets in the solar system  because the human body is an island of nine gems, known as nav-ratnas and human body is composed of nine dhatus. That is why it is helpful in the interpretation the relation of gem with the humans. By wearing favourable gemstone related to the moon sign/rashi, which brings name, fame, prosperity, positivity, happiness, power, make life easier and flushes the negative energy which is a major cause of illness.


Ruby- Its energetic red colour enhances self-confidence, circulation of blood, provides vitamin B12 and reduces anemia.

Coral- Yellow colour energy, improves the power of wisdom, ambition, confidence, and helps to enhance overall health and stimulate the proper functioning of the brain, eyes, liver, spleen and kidney.

Emerald- Its natural green colour energy is to provide freshness, peace, happiness, reduce restlessness and control the functioning of the pituitary gland. It is beneficial scientists, lawyer, business and salesman.

Yellow Sapphire- It has the greatest healing power which controls the brain activities and also gives strength to the body.

Pearl- Helps to get rid of depression, loneliness and is the best stimulant for boredom.

Blue Sapphire- It provides vitamin D and gives positive energy towards encouragement, swiftness, and affection.

Diamond- It boosts the pituitary gland, nervous and lymphatic system of the body. It also helps in improving the health of stomach, eyes, ears and migraine.

Navratna- It is the mixture of all colours, denotes peace, simplicity and soft nature. It protects against mental disorders and high blood pressure.

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