Agarbatti Fumes Harmful then Cigarette Smoke- Avoid it

Hindusian is worlds oldest religion that is originated on Indian sub continent. All over the world from temples to homes in Hindu religion, no puja is completed without the lighting of lamps, dhups and agarbatti in front of God and spiritually. In India, Karnataka is the leading producer of agarbatti.  In every home and we burn dhup and agarbattis in order to make the supreme power God happy, but it can have a negative effect on our health especially on children and old age people. We all burn it unfamiliar with the fact that this ritual can be harmful, i.e. its prolonged inhalation increases the risk of cardiovascular and coronary  heart diseases by affecting the flow of blood , the mutations that DNA changes might lead to cancer and are cytotoxic .

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Fumes of agarbatti mainly contains the volatile organic compounds and particulate matter that may cause respiratory problems. The fumes generate indoor air pollution, mainly due to carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and formaldehyde that leads to sneezing, coughing, breathing problems.In other words, we can say that it is much more harmful than a cigarette because it increases the risk of respiratory tract cancer.

When the person comes in contact with the particulate matter that present in fumes of agarbattis causes irritation, allergy and itching of skin and eyes. The highest concentration of these fumes associated with neurological problems like headaches, migraines, less concentration and forgetfulness. When it is compared to cigarette smoke, incense smoke is more mutagenesis, cytotoxic and genotoxic.

According to some studies agarbatti on burning emit toxic fumes consists of lead, iron and magnesium that increases a toxic load in the blood that simultaneously affect kidneys. These fumes thereby increase the toxic loads in the body and leads to nephrological problems because the smoke consists of 64 harmful compounds.

So, it is Suggested:

  • Doesn’t burn agarbattis and dhup around children.
  • Only burn these in an open area or in the area with proper ventilation.
  • If necessary, use exhaust to avoid harmful effects of the fumes.
  • Do not purchase the cheaper product as they liberate more amount of pollutants.

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