Don’t Get Attracted Towards the Hazardous Mosquito Repellents

Mosquitoes are the uninvited guests that transmit various diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever, etc. These mosquitoes borne diseases transmitted, can be reduced by using several mosquito killers and these are easily available in the market at affordable prices in the form of coils, mats, liquid vaporizers, sprays, repellents, and so, on. All these repellents decrease the chances of being bitten and thus, reduce the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases. Here, is the fact that if these products repel or kill the mosquitoes, then is also responsible for the negative effects on human health. Therefore, in order to prevent the human health these harmful chemical products should not be publicized. All the mosquito repellent products contain N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide (DEET) a hazardous chemical, which causes allergic reactions to peoples and is also responsible for causing various types of allergies along with several illnesses like asthma, headaches, congestion, sore throat, nausea, dizziness, runny nose, encephalitis and respiratory disorders and its prolonged exposure is also responsible for causing lung cancer. That is why these products should be used with great care. From the literature survey, it can be revealed that in growing children it causes skin rashes, eye irritation, nervous system disorders and anaphylactic shock. Poor and illiterate people in the society are unaware of the hazardous effects of mosquito repellents on the human body. Therefore, it is mandatory to educate the people regarding the usage along with the negative effects by organizing workshops, conferences, seminars, publications, advertisements.


Keep the important points in mind while using mosquito repellents-

  1. Manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed.
  2. Don’t use coils, sprays inside the rooms or near the family members, but always use outside the doors and windows to keep the mosquitoes away.
  3. Avoid sleeping in a room with burning coil, plugging repellent, sprays etc.
  4. Keep all these products away from the reach of the children.
  5. Burning coils should be placed away from the furniture, curtains, flammable articles, books, papers etc.

Spectro Analytical Labs have fully accredited facilities for testing all the harmful and carcinogenic chemicals in various kinds of mosquito repellent products. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Beware- Your paper slip receipt can be Toxic!

It has been proved by the researchers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (Aurangabad) that paper slip receipt rolled out by the ATM, Shopping Malls, Petrol Pumps, Bus Tickets can cause harmful effects on human health. If this paper slip remains in our hands for more than five seconds, nearly 1microgram BPA remains absorbed by the skin and this process of absorption increases by 10 times if handled with sweaty hands. For the manufacture of paper, chemicals such as triarylmethane dye, BPA and stabilizers are used. Praveen Watke from Dr Ambedkar Marathwada University stated that thermal printers are used to print deigns on the paper and it percolate into the human body via the skin and causes adverse effects on health.

BPA is a synthetic toxic chemical used for the production of plastics and resin since 1960. It is also used inside the cover of water hoses, inner coating of bottles and airtight containers. BPA is potent endocrine disruptor, carcinogenic, neurotoxic and cardiotoxic chemical which readily enters into the skin through the pores by holding the thermal receipt paper before eating food. Its level increased in the blood causes reproductive defects in fetuses, infants, children and adults and further, it also causes breast cancer in females and testicle cancer in males, enlargement of reproductive glands that leads to infertility, diabetes, obesity and many more problems associated with metabolic and immune system.

 Paper Slip Receipt Testing

How you can protect yourself?

  • Avoid receipts if you don’t need them, as they often end up in the trash anyway.
  • If possible, request for an emailed receipt in place of a paper one.
  • Avoid using hand sanitizer or lotion just before purchasing food.
  • Wash hands in between touching the receipts and eating food.
  • Make a habit of proper washing of hands before eating anything no matter what.
  • Pregnant women working as a cashier should be careful.

The use of thermal paper is banned in the countries like France, New York, US, Denmark, Sweden, Mariland, Washington, Canada, Vemount, Minisota  and Maschettetus.

Spectro Analytical Lab offers all the facilities and instruments for testing all the safety parameters related to harmful chemicals in different materials. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Disposable Cups- A Silent Killer at Your Pantry

Now a day’s disposable paper/foam/plastic cups are quite demanding in office pantries due to the convenience it offers while ignoring its harmful side effects. But paper cups are lined with polyethylene for insulation and durability. Low quality paper cups are covered with a tiny layer of wax to prevent paper getting soaked and when we pour very hot beverage over this cup, the paper cups wax may come off, which will directly be sent along with the hot drink into our stomach. Over the time, stomach and digestive tract accumulate significant amounts of wax and chemicals when using the paper cups every day. This causes gastrointestinal disorders and other severe health problems.

Plastic Container Testing Labs

Foam Tea Cup Styrene is used to manufacture polystyrene foam plastic cups and foam food trays and packages. These include coffee cups, soup bowls, flight lunch packs, etc. If we are taking hot beverages through these polystyrene cups approximately four times a day for three years, we may have absorbed nearly one foam cup. Further, it increases the threat of toxicity when we microwaving the food along with these containers. It negatively affects the humans like tiredness, nervousness, insomnia, low platelet, lymphatic abnormalities and carcinogenic effects.

Plastic Cups Plastic cups produce chemicals when comes in contact with hot beverages, it may cause several types of cancer that interferes with reproductive development in animals and may lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in humans.

Precautions While Using Disposable Cups-

  • Say a big “NO” to paper, plastic and Styrofoam cups and start using your own cups made of stainless steel, ceramic mug or glass containers, as these materials are less reactive and does not produce harmful effects.
  • If you have tea/coffee in plastic or thermocol cup, then it produces harmful effect on health as chemicals from these materials will invariably dissolve into the beverage. However, paper cup may be the safer option but not a cent percent safe because it is coated with wax to prevent leakage.
  • According to the manufacturers, the wax in those cups melts only at very high temperature   (beyond at what we drink). So it is better to drink tea/coffee in ceramic mug but if someone has to select out of these three then choose a paper cup due to its biodegradable characteristic, means that they break down over the time without harming the environment.

Spectro Analytical Lab provides all the facilities and instruments for testing all kinds of hazardous chemicals and other contaminants in different types of disposable plastic containers.  It also provides training and assistance in this regard.