What is Organic Food- Let’s take a Look

Now a days organic food is gaining popularity among the consumers. The term organic means the agricultural crops should grow without using chemical pesticides, bioengineered genes, and petroleum and sewage sludge waste fertilizers. Organic produce grown with the natural fertilizers such as manure and compost, crop rotation method is used for controlling weeds or unwanted plants and moreover, pests, insects and rodents are controlled using natural methods like birds, insects, traps and naturally produced pesticides. On the contrary, to those conventionally grown agricultural produce only grown with chemical fertilizers, weeds and pests are controlled by chemical herbicides and insecticides.

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Further, organic animal products mean, animals should only feed organic, i.e. animals may not be provided antibiotics, growth hormones or any other animal by-products. The disease can be prevented by using natural methods like cleaning the surrounding atmosphere, healthy and balanced diet. Whereas, for conventionally produced animal produces, growth hormones are given to the livestock for fast growth and antibiotics and medicines are used to given for treating the animal.

Besides, these differences there are several health benefits of organic food.

  1. Organic food consists of fewer pesticides and much more nutrients than conventionally grown food.
  2. Organic food has long shelf-life, fresh and full of organic flavours as this type of food contains no preservatives that accelerate its shelf-life.
  3. Organic farming is good for atmosphere because the agricultural practices used in the farming decrease pollution, conserve water, soil, increase fertility of soil, and consume less energy.
  4. Organic farming is also good for nearby animal, birds and humans.

As far as monetary benefits are concerned organic food is more expensive than the conventional grown food because as the farmers are not using the chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that is why more man power is required at the farm level and also the organic feed used for the animals is also expensive. On regular consumption of conventionally grown food, pesticide residues accumulated into the human body and exposed people are prone to several health issues like headache, autism, behavioural disorders, hormonal imbalance, birth defects, weak immunity, and different kinds of cancers.

We cannot get rid of the traces of pesticides because washing of the agricultural produce only reduces the pesticide residue but does not eliminate. The best solution is to buy and consume organic food when possible as its cost falls within the budget.

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Ugly Facts About Potassium Bromate- A Killer Food Additive

Bread is an important source of food worldwide and is one of the world’s oldest foods. It is consumed widely used in homes, restaurants, hotels. It contains many ingredients that help in improving the quality of bread are flour, table salt, sugar and flavour enhancers such as potassium bromate as well as potassium iodate. Potassium bromate is a flour improver that helps in making dough stronger and allows for better oven spring, higher rising, and faster mixing times. This also aids in uniform baking and whitening of bread. It leaves no residues in the final bread produce if used within acceptable limits (15-50ppm). But, its residual traces are observed in bread when used beyond the acceptable limits. Its use is too much because of its availability, cheaper and gives better final product than any other food additives. If inhaled, it causes cough and sore throat, but leads to abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, kidney failure, hearing loss, bronchitis and causes cancer when ingested. Due to these serious health issues Potassium bromate has been banned in many countries, but there are some countries which still using it as a food additive in bread and other bakery products. Further, it also deteriorates the nutritional quality of bread by degrading the important vitamins like A2, B1, B2, E and niacin.

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The government of India on 20th June 2016 has banned the use of potassium bromate as a carcinogenic food additive in bread. As far as potassium iodate is concerned The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (fssai) has claimed it as carcinogenic and referred to a scientific panel. Ascorbic acid, enzymes and emulsifiers are the safer substitutes for potassium bromate, and the cost of final bread produce will just increase by 2 paisa. Ammonium persulphate, ammonium chloride and amylases are some other examples for flour treatment agents.

To Avoid its Exposure- It is simple to reduce the consumption of bakery products containing potassium bromate by viewing the ingredients list and vote for organic foods. It should be considered as an unacceptable ingredient by the food manufacturing companies.

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