Are you Experiencing Cactus Like Feeling with Woollens?

Wool is derived from sheep and contains lanolin, a kind of natural oil, which is responsible for causing allergies to several people.  The most common wool allergy symptoms in the people include irritation, itching, rashes, and hives on the skin. It affects the eyes and leads to puffiness, itching as well as redness. It also causes nasal problems like running nose, sneezing, nausea, congestion and other problems related to respiratory tract. However, the people who are allergic to lanolin of wool also show the similar allergic reactions when exposed to the other products which contain lanolin such as wool wax, cosmetics and other personal products. However, only wool alone cannot be the actual cause of allergic reactions such as lumps and red bumps all over the skin, but due to the direct contact of wool with the skin generally causes itching and irritation because of the nature of the woollen garments.

woollens product testing labs

In the process of manufacturing of woollen garments like sweaters, scarves, socks, jackets and gloves synthetic chemicals and colours are required. Both the chemicals and colours can be the reason for different allergic reactions to the people who are not familiar about the allergic reactions caused by synthetic chemicals and dyes used in the making process of woollens but do complain about wool allergies. These only trigger or accelerate the allergic reactions.

A person who is allergic to wool has the same kind of allergic response just like in the persons having an allergy due to pollens, dust and pets such as rashes on the body including face, arms, hands, feet, etc. This may appear immediately or may occur in a couple of days just after coming in the direct contact of wool.

Till date, there is no particular treatment for the allergic reactions of wool; however, some antihistamines and allergy shots can also be given to the patients at the onset of allergic symptoms. Further, persons should stop using those products which consist of wool if possible.  So, to avoid such kind of allergy one should put cotton clothing in between the skin and the woollen garments and really it is enough to solve the itching problem.

Spectro Analytical Labs have fully accredited facilities for testing all the harmful and carcinogenic chemicals and dyes used in woollen garments. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Aluminium Utensils Results in the Degeneration of Brain

Maximum people are using aluminium kitchen ware for cooking and processing of food in the form of frying pans, sauce pans, pressure cookers, teapots, spoons, etc. because of easy availability at affordable prices and good conductor of heat. However, on the regular consumption of food prepared in aluminium cookware causes aluminium poisoning, but people are unaware of the harmful effects of the cheap aluminium cookware sets. These types of utensils are slow poison in the human body, these utensils change the colour and the taste of the food prepared in it by making it contaminated.  Aluminium is highly reactive to the foods which are strongly acidic and alkali in nature, such as tomatoes, spinach etc., but, aluminium leaches faster in acidic foods than that of basic foods. Food prepared in the aluminium utensils can easily absorb aluminium from the utensils as aluminium gets easily dissolved into the food and water during cooking, which readily enters into the bloodstream and deposited in the different organs and part of the human body like muscles, kidneys, liver and bones. The excretory system in our body is not able to extract the accumulated metal in the muscles, kidneys, liver and skeletal system and in the present scenario there is no effective treatment for aluminium poisoning. Therefore, it is unwise to prepare food, tea and coffee in the aluminium kitchen ware. Other possible sources of aluminium poisoning are packaged foods (soups, baked beans, tuna, prawns, sardines, chips, snacks, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables) drinks and beverages such as soft and alcoholic drinks packed in aluminium cans. Further, baby foods and infant formula also contain traces of aluminium significantly.


Aluminium utensils generally show pitting when aluminium has leached away this proves that aluminium does dissolve in the food and water. The symptoms of aluminium poisoning are hyperacidity, indigestion, flatulence, skin pigmentation, allergy, eczema, dandruff,  loss of memory, depression, anxiety, asthma, appendicitis, renal failure, and problem in eye, diarrhoea, ulcers in the mouth and stomach, abdominal cramps and pain. Its continuous exposure lead to osteoporosis and Alzheimer disease in which patient is not able to collect recent events, but clearly recollects the events that happened in the past. The poisoning of this metal can only be reduced by drinking freshly prepared juice of orange, pineapple and sweet lime, etc. and by replacing the aluminium cookware with the stainless steel or cast iron utensils.

Spectro Analytical Labs have fully accredited facilities for testing precious metals and alloys by using XRF, AAS and ICP spectrometers. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Air Purifiers- Best possible way to fight Indoor air Pollution

Delhi the capital of our country is one of the most populated and polluted cities in the world and people die every year due to wide exposure to air pollution. Air pollutants are present in the atmosphere in the form of minute solid particles, liquid droplets and in the form of gases which are responsible for producing hazardous effects in human, animals and plants.  Examples of outdoor pollution are smog, emissions of dangerous gases from vehicles, power plants and industries. Indoor air pollution is 10 times more dangerous than outdoor air pollution, because the pollutants are present in more concentrated form than present in outdoor air and further, people spend more time in indoors than the outdoors. The indoor air toxins cause signs of premature aging on the skin, because skin naturally loses its moisture and elasticity and people look older at a very early stage. To minimize the hazards of indoor air pollution, installing air purifiers in the homes is the best possible way to save the lives of the family members. Air purifiers are the instruments that help in removing pollutants from the air and so, improve the quality of air. These appliances are very useful for the patients suffering from asthma, respiratory disorders and allergies. These can be easily installed, for residential and commercial (schools, hospitals, industries, etc.) purposes. Air purifier consists of a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters that help in purifying the surrounding air by removing 99.9% dust particles greater than 0.3 microns, pollen, pet dander smoke and all the pollutants present in the air. Thus, air purifiers make the environment dirt and odour free, which are the root cause of all the types of infections and allergies and produce harmful effects. Indoor air quality can also be improved by creating no smoking zone, keeping the floor neat and clean, only use natural methods for cleaning and avoid the use of synthetic air fresheners.

Indoor air Pollution

Spectro Analytical Labs have fully accredited facilities for testing the quality of indoor and outdoor air that contain various pollutants. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Don’t get fooled while purchasing gold jewellery- Choose only Hallmark

India is the largest consumer of gold in the world and mostly it is purchased in the form of jewellery because it is considered as a status symbol, it is the best investment at the time of emergency because at any time it can be converted into cash, also it is the symbol of goddess Lakshmi in Hindu religion, it is also purchased during the festivals like Dhanteras, Diwali and Akshaya Tritya, Onam, Pongal and Durga Puja etc. Gold is the best and suitable metal for making jewellery as it is lustrous and non-rusting. Its purest form is not suitable for making jewellery due to which it is alloyed with the other metals like copper to make it stronger as well as suitable for jewellery. In India each and every person desired for the highest purity of gold, but how can a common man get the purest gold from the jeweller.

Gold Testing Labs

There are 2 types of gold ornaments available in the market-

  • Gold Jewellery with KDM Mark or KDM 916 Mark- In this type, gold ornaments were soldered with the help of cadmium, which has a lower melting point than gold i.e. 321ºC. Cadmium is a heavy metal that produces toxic fumes which is harmful for the human skin but the wearer is not familiar with the toxic effects. Therefore, it is suggested not to wear such types of ornaments.

KDM 916 Mark – Standard gold is of 24 carats (99.9% pure), 22 carats gold is called 916 KDM gold (which is soldered with cadmium) and the purity of gold is 91.6%.

  • Gold Jewellery with Hallmark or Hallmark 916- Indian government took the cognizance and protects the public against adulteration in gold either intentionally or accidentally. The main aim of the hallmarking scheme is to stop adulteration or fraud and oblige manufacturers to strictly follow the legal standards of fineness. Hence, Hallmark is the purity certification granted by the BIS (Bureau of Indian standards). Under the BIS hallmarking system, a license is provided to the Jewellers can get their jewellery hallmarked from any of the BIS recognized assaying and Hallmarking Centre for providing quality, assurance satisfaction to the customers and in simple words we can say it is the guarantee of purity in gold jewellery. Other than the 916 (22 carats), Hallmark is also offered for 23 carats (958), 21 carats (875), 18 carats (750) purities. The purity stamp is always available on the ornaments by the Laser machine as a Hallmark seal.

Hallmark consist of 5 parameters

  • Triangular shape BIS mark
  • Fineness or purity mark
  • Assaying or Hallmarking Centre
  • Year of marking designated by a code or alphabet as provided by BIS (e.g. A for the year 2000 etc.)
  • Jewellers identification mark

Spectro Analytical Lab offers all the facilities and instruments for testing the purity and fineness in gold jewellery. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Beware- Your paper slip receipt can be Toxic!

It has been proved by the researchers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (Aurangabad) that paper slip receipt rolled out by the ATM, Shopping Malls, Petrol Pumps, Bus Tickets can cause harmful effects on human health. If this paper slip remains in our hands for more than five seconds, nearly 1microgram BPA remains absorbed by the skin and this process of absorption increases by 10 times if handled with sweaty hands. For the manufacture of paper, chemicals such as triarylmethane dye, BPA and stabilizers are used. Praveen Watke from Dr Ambedkar Marathwada University stated that thermal printers are used to print deigns on the paper and it percolate into the human body via the skin and causes adverse effects on health.

BPA is a synthetic toxic chemical used for the production of plastics and resin since 1960. It is also used inside the cover of water hoses, inner coating of bottles and airtight containers. BPA is potent endocrine disruptor, carcinogenic, neurotoxic and cardiotoxic chemical which readily enters into the skin through the pores by holding the thermal receipt paper before eating food. Its level increased in the blood causes reproductive defects in fetuses, infants, children and adults and further, it also causes breast cancer in females and testicle cancer in males, enlargement of reproductive glands that leads to infertility, diabetes, obesity and many more problems associated with metabolic and immune system.

 Paper Slip Receipt Testing

How you can protect yourself?

  • Avoid receipts if you don’t need them, as they often end up in the trash anyway.
  • If possible, request for an emailed receipt in place of a paper one.
  • Avoid using hand sanitizer or lotion just before purchasing food.
  • Wash hands in between touching the receipts and eating food.
  • Make a habit of proper washing of hands before eating anything no matter what.
  • Pregnant women working as a cashier should be careful.

The use of thermal paper is banned in the countries like France, New York, US, Denmark, Sweden, Mariland, Washington, Canada, Vemount, Minisota  and Maschettetus.

Spectro Analytical Lab offers all the facilities and instruments for testing all the safety parameters related to harmful chemicals in different materials. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Spectro Achieved NABL for Fire Testing

We feel proud to become the foremost Indian lab to achieve NABL accreditation in the field of Mechanical Testing for Fire Testing (up to 1200°C) as per ASTM E119 for Autoclaved Cellular Concrete Blocks, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks.

We have developed a world class facility to provide services related to fire safety and performance testing for AAC Blocks, Rockwool Insulation Panels, Fire Doors, Fire Panels, etc.

Spectro achieved NABL for Fire Testing

Our USP:

  • Lowest turnaround time
  • Minimal testing charges
  • Can allow witness
  • Expertise in testing as per latest International and Indian testing standards
  • Providing consultancy and recommendation for improvement in material quality

We have setup ground-breaking facilities for a wide range of fire tests for both residential and commercial markets. We can assist in assessing the conformity to standards, assist with R&D and provide guidance with construction.

Check LPG Cylinder’s Expiry Life -For Safety and Security

 Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the popular and energy efficient fuel in India used for cooking. It makes the work convenient and easier, but highly combustible and inflammable under pressure and is a kind of living bomb in the kitchen almost all the time. Potential dangers can be avoided by taking good care and using safely. However, LPG cylinders are well built so, cannot be impaired easily, but leaks can appear from the gas cylinder, valves, pipe connections, incorrect method of storage of LPG cylinders if not kept in good conditions.

LPG cylinder Testing

If it inhaled due to leakage cause suffocation and affects the brain as well as nervous system that causes hypoxia (feeling happy), dizziness and nausea, lack of coordination, hallucinations, and unconsciousness. Further exposure leads to depression, mood swings, brain hemorrhage, and memory loss, damage to lungs, liver and kidney. An explosion from LPG gas cylinder leads to serious burns, multiple injuries and even death. Explosion boom causes serious damage and bleeding in the ears, lungs, vital organs, multiple fractures and invisible brain injury and neurological disorders.

LPG is an odourless gas, that’s why Ethyl mercaptan (malodorous chemical) with boiling point very close to LPG is added in order to prevent accidents due to leakage. Its leakage can be easily detected because of its strong and pungent smell. Moreover, some electronic gas leak sensors and safety valve can also be installed for future safety and security.

While Purchasing LPG Cylinder These Points Should be Taken Care-

  • Always purchase from the authorized franchises only.
  • Consistently check the company seal and intact safety cap in the cylinder when delivered, do not acquire the cylinder if the seal is broken.
  • Check the due date of cylinder testing, which is always marked on the inner side of one of three vertical stay plates of LPG cylinder.
  • The date is coded alpha numerically as A or B or C or D and followed by two digit number e.g. A17. The digits stand for the year till it is valid. The alphabets stand for quarters- A for the Qtr. Ending March (1st quarter), B for Qtr. ending June (2nd quarter), C- Qtr. ending September (3rd quarter) and D- Qtr. ending December (4th quarter). The two digit numbers stand for the year when the gas cylinder is due for statuary testing. Therefore, A17 means that the cylinder is to be taken to the next statuary testing by March 2017. Each and every cylinder when filled with LPG is checked thoroughly for its weight and soundness, before dispatch. A customer refused to take the cylinder in March 2017 if marked as A17. Although; it is not the date of expiry of the physical life of the cylinder, but this should not be further used and sent back to the gas distributor for statuary testing as these cylinders are not safe and may cause accidents so, in this regard all necessary action should be taken.

Spectro Analytical Lab provides all the facilities and instruments for testing and analysis of welding performance, corrosion as well as metals and alloys. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Switch to Public Transit and Protects The Planet From Global Warming

 Global warming is a serious problem and we don’t need to wait for finding a solution to this problem, but it’s our duty next to the government by acquiring more liable life style: starting from day to day things. Before it is too late it is the responsibility of the public to protect the earth from this serious problem. If we are saving energy, it means that the demand for the fossil fuel is reduced, which lowers the emission of carbon dioxide (the major contributor to global warming). In order to reduce global warming and protect our environment, we must use public transportation like bus (a full bus can take 40 cars off the  road), train, bike instead of drive a car because public transportation plays an important role in finding smart ways to the problems we are facing in our everyday life. It also reduces the other harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide and air pollutants that cause smog. To get rid of this air pollution is to plant trees outside and add household plants that can naturally remove the toxins from the air and lower the health risks from air pollution.

air pollution

Riding Public Transportation is Significant in Many Ways:

  • Economically, it is cost effective and helping to reduce the nation’s dependence on petroleum.
  • It also lowers our stress level while driving.
  • It also helps in protecting the environment by conserving natural resources, reduces air pollution and other harmful gases.
  • Increasing economic growth and status by producing “green jobs”.

Public Transportation Helps in Reducing Air Pollution:

Public transport moves people more conveniently as well as efficiently while creating significantly less air pollution to move the passenger as compared to a car or an auto. Buses release only 20% carbon monoxide, 10% hydrocarbons and 75% nitrogen oxides whereas; Trains emit only 25% nitrogen oxides per passenger mile as compared to a single-occupant auto. Clearly, moving from public transport throughout the year makes a great difference in the air quality and use of natural resources. During summer, when harmful ozone levels are at the peak, using public transport makes an even larger difference, especially for those people with respiratory problems. If the people taking keen interest in the journey (short or long) through public transit, biking, car pooling, cycling and walking, then hopefully we are starting a new trend and leading our country in a new direction. So, Ride Transit because it is the smart and healthy way to Go!

Spectro Analytical Lab provides all the facilities and instruments for testing and analysis of hazardous chemicals and pollutants in indoor as well as outdoor air quality.  It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Food Passes Through X-Ray Scanners During Security Check is Safe or Not?

 X-rays are the form of electromagnetic radiations and produced when charged particles having sufficient energy hit a material. X-ray scanners used at malls, cinemas, metro stations, bus stands and airports for security check at very low radiation levels as compared to that used in irradiation of food. The radiation levels used for food irradiation can be 10,000 gray, whereas, only 0.5 gray or less can be used by a cabinet X-ray for security screening. The radiation level normally acquired by the things scanned during screening by X-ray system is 1 millirad or less. 30,000 rad level is used in food irradiation for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in food preservation and thus making it safe and preventing from food borne illness. Anyhow, commercial X-ray system is much less powerful than a commercial food irradiation machine. Because during irradiation of food, the food is exposed to high doses of radiation in order to destruct all the pathogenic microorganisms present.

x ray scanner machine testing labs

There are not known harmful effects from eating food, drinking beverages, taking medicine, or using cosmetics that have been passed through the X- ray screening system at malls, cinemas, metro stations and airports or courthouses during security checks. These things will not contain radioactivity when it passes through X-ray cabinets. So, it is also safe and does not cause any hazard to pregnant females and children. There are neither short term effects, nor long term effects on the food or other items that passed through an X-ray machine. Rather, the system can also destroy some organisms that reside in the food and making it safer to eat. Many X-ray surveillance devices operate at such a low level of dose that they don’t affect the photographic film and electronic instruments. It’s important to note that X-rays are a form of radiation; it does not mean that it is radioactive or produced by the radioactive substances. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Spectro Analytical Lab provides all the facilities and instruments for detecting various contaminants and internal defects of metals in railways, refineries, Oil and gas sector, automobiles and much more by X-ray screening system. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Hidden Dangers in Nonstick Cookware!

Nonstick cookware is designed for low to medium heat cooking and has health benefits including less oil cooking to prepare a healthy meal, especially for the people suffering from high cholesterol and diabetes. Cooking at high heat can cause damage, chipping or peeling of nonstick coated cookware. Nonstick coating allows food browning without sticking in a skillet. Cookware surface coated with man-made chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), known as Teflon a DuPont trademark, produces a non stick surface which is extremely stable (it does not react with other chemicals). It also provides frictionless surface and used in many products like fabric protectors.

Hidden Dangers in Nonstick

Teflon-coated cookware is considered to be the safe, even if scratched. However, its long term exposing effects have not been studied. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is another man-made chemical which is used in the processing of Teflon and other chemical materials. In this process PFOA is burned off and is not present in the final products. PFOA has the potential to create health problems as it can stay in the environment and can accumulate in the human body for a long time. People exposed at their workplace and in the kitchen can have higher levels of PFOA and other hazardous, toxic fumes that have been liberated from the nonstick cookware if heated at temperatures up to 680 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to which people develop flu like symptoms (irritation in eyes, nose and throat and respiratory distress) and thyroid disease. It also leads to an increase in tumors of the liver, pancreas and testicles and reduced fertility in lab animals.

How to Use Non-Stick Cookware –

  • Read the instructions carefully before using.
  • Don’t preheat the nonstick utensils at high temperature as unfilled cookware can quickly reach high temperatures.
  • If possible cook food at medium or low heat.
  • Considering less oil cooking with non stick cookware.
  • Using oil above its smoke point will cause it to carbonize on the surface and producing a dark-colored stain that is difficult to remove.
  • Always use plastic or wooden ladder for cooking food instead of steel to avoid scratching and also never stack these pans.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleansers or scouring pads for cleaning nonstick cookware.
  • Don’t keep nonstick pan in an oven more than 500 degrees F.
  • Always consider a stove burner that is equivalent to the size of the bottom of the pan.
  • Always turn on exhaust fan while cooking with non-stick cookware.
  • The fumes liberated from an overheated pan can kill a bird within few seconds.
  • Lightweight cookware generally heats up quickly, so choose heavy weight cookware.
  • Enjoy safe and healthy meal.

Spectro Analytical Lab provides all the facilities and instruments for testing different types of hazardous chemicals and other contaminants in nonstick cookware and other utensils.  It also provides training and assistance in this regard.