Water Talk: Reducing your Exposure to Lead from Drinking Water

Lead is considered as a heavy metal which is hazardous to us. Lead is accumulates in blood mostly by consuming water contaminated with lead. Infants, pregnant women, kids and old aged persons are susceptible to the poisoning of lead. Consuming drinking water is one of the major causes of lead poisoning it is mainly due to the old pipes that distributes water to the houses and also through the plumbing system of our houses. If the drinking water is hard, then it increases the chances of leaching of lead and copper into the water.  Repeated lead exposure leads to lead toxicity that results in: stomach ache, abdominal cramps, vomiting, muscle weakness, coma, constipation, insomnia, headache, irritation, loss of appetite, tiredness, anaemia, memory loss, confusion, renal problems, high blood pressure, numbness or tingling, hypertension, heart palpitations. In children lead toxicity includes:  neurological damage, aggressive behaviour, less developmental skills, intellectual disability, lower IQ, delays growth, difficulty in learning. It is all due to lead because it will accumulate into the body and tend to be stored in the brain, bones, and in some vital organs for decades. The toxicity cannot be cured, but the possible side effects can be reduced by reducing the exposure to lead.

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It Can be Reduced by:

  • By using lead free plumbing fixtures.
  • It is suggested to analyze the water samples regularly for the testing of pH, hardness, alkalinity, calcium, chloride, TDS (total dissolved solids) and corrosivity index.
  • If the water sample persists an odour then it is also advised for the microbiological testing.
  • If you are in condition of confusion about the contamination of water with lead, then there is an urgent need for the analysis of lead in water by any of the certified, approved and reputed laboratory.
  • Regular blood check-up for lead.
  • In case of need, then do not panic and contact physician.
  • Stop purchasing painted toys for your children.
  • Use cold water for the preparation of foods and drinks because cold water contains less lead content.
  • Your home should be dust free.
  • Teach your kids for washing hands before eating.
  • Only use lead free paint.
  • After lead testing, if the level exceeds then consume filtered drinking water.

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