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Soybeans- Always a Good Source of Proteins for Vegetarians

Soybeans are also known as soya beans, scientifically it is known as Glycine max, having a good nutritional profile and contains a lot of health benefits such as good for heart health, protects from cancer, improves digestion, good for bone health and reduces the risk of diabetes, lowers the cholesterol level, decreases the risk of… Read More »

Reduce Pesticide Uses – A Boon for Food Chain

The main aim of agriculture is to produce crops for the consumption of human and livestock. When their population increases then it is very important to increase the crop production also but rodents and agricultural pests damaged a maximum amount of crop production that results in a severe loss to the economy. The word pesticide… Read More »

Let’s Switch to Ragi – The Super Food

Finger millet or African millet (Eleusine coracana), is also known as Ragi or Nachni is grown in the dry regions of Africa and Asia. It is also commonly grown in the foothills of Himalayas, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It is a rich source of protein, calcium, iron, phosphorous, dietary fiber,… Read More »