Identify The Real Gold Jewelry at your Door Step

By performing some simple experiments at home one can easily identify the fake and real gold jewelry like checking for stamp markings, attraction towards the magnet, density test, nitric acid test. Further, scratching of gold jewelry against the ceramic surface is another method for testing real jewelry.

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Marking Test Most of the gold jewelers mark their stamps (by denoting the karatage of gold) on the gold jewelry designed by them.

Magnetic Test It is another method for identification of gold purity. If the jewelry sticks to the magnet, then the jewelry is not real because real gold has no magnetic attraction and does not stick to the magnet.

Density Test This test can be performed by placing the jewelry in a beaker of water, if it sinks, then, the jewelry is of real gold because gold has greater density than any other metal.

Acid Test For, performing this test, nitric acid is used. By putting some drops of nitric acid on the gold jewelry shows no reaction as, gold is a non reactive metal whereas, fake jewelry changes its colour.

Scratch Test On scratching the real gold jewelry against a ceramic plate or tiles leaves a golden streak, however, dark or black coloured streak observed in case of fake jewelry. Discoloration occurs in the false jewelry on wearing this.

The most accurate tests for testing the purity of gold are performed by using fluorescence spectrometers (XRF). Such type of instruments sends X-rays through the tested sample. The atoms of the tested material become excited and move into a higher energy state and release energy in the form of radiation while returning into their ground state. XRF detects as well as read the radiation. By observing the radiation, we can easily find out the material by which the jewelry is made of.

We can also clean the gold jewelry at home by adopting simple and small process of cleaning with the household articles like dish detergent, water and tooth brush. Take small amount of dishwashing detergent or soap into a bowl containing water; soak the gold jewelry into the solution for at least 15 minutes. Now, take out the jewelry from the soap solution and gently clean the surface of jewelry with the help of a soft bristled tooth brush. Finally, rinsing is done with warm water and then, dries it with a muslin cloth. The gold jewelry leads to shinier as well as brighter.

Spectro Analytical Labs have fully accredited facilities for testing the purity of metals including gold. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.

Don’t get fooled while purchasing gold jewellery- Choose only Hallmark

India is the largest consumer of gold in the world and mostly it is purchased in the form of jewellery because it is considered as a status symbol, it is the best investment at the time of emergency because at any time it can be converted into cash, also it is the symbol of goddess Lakshmi in Hindu religion, it is also purchased during the festivals like Dhanteras, Diwali and Akshaya Tritya, Onam, Pongal and Durga Puja etc. Gold is the best and suitable metal for making jewellery as it is lustrous and non-rusting. Its purest form is not suitable for making jewellery due to which it is alloyed with the other metals like copper to make it stronger as well as suitable for jewellery. In India each and every person desired for the highest purity of gold, but how can a common man get the purest gold from the jeweller.

Gold Testing Labs

There are 2 types of gold ornaments available in the market-

  • Gold Jewellery with KDM Mark or KDM 916 Mark- In this type, gold ornaments were soldered with the help of cadmium, which has a lower melting point than gold i.e. 321ºC. Cadmium is a heavy metal that produces toxic fumes which is harmful for the human skin but the wearer is not familiar with the toxic effects. Therefore, it is suggested not to wear such types of ornaments.

KDM 916 Mark – Standard gold is of 24 carats (99.9% pure), 22 carats gold is called 916 KDM gold (which is soldered with cadmium) and the purity of gold is 91.6%.

  • Gold Jewellery with Hallmark or Hallmark 916- Indian government took the cognizance and protects the public against adulteration in gold either intentionally or accidentally. The main aim of the hallmarking scheme is to stop adulteration or fraud and oblige manufacturers to strictly follow the legal standards of fineness. Hence, Hallmark is the purity certification granted by the BIS (Bureau of Indian standards). Under the BIS hallmarking system, a license is provided to the Jewellers can get their jewellery hallmarked from any of the BIS recognized assaying and Hallmarking Centre for providing quality, assurance satisfaction to the customers and in simple words we can say it is the guarantee of purity in gold jewellery. Other than the 916 (22 carats), Hallmark is also offered for 23 carats (958), 21 carats (875), 18 carats (750) purities. The purity stamp is always available on the ornaments by the Laser machine as a Hallmark seal.

Hallmark consist of 5 parameters

  • Triangular shape BIS mark
  • Fineness or purity mark
  • Assaying or Hallmarking Centre
  • Year of marking designated by a code or alphabet as provided by BIS (e.g. A for the year 2000 etc.)
  • Jewellers identification mark

Spectro Analytical Lab offers all the facilities and instruments for testing the purity and fineness in gold jewellery. It also provides training and assistance in this regard.