Join Carpooling – A best possible way to save the planet

Car pooling is a practice in which more than one individual is traveling in a single vehicle. It is so, beneficial that the number of people sharing a single car mean, less number of vehicles are running on the road.  It is a forward step to make the environment neat and clean by reducing air pollution, noise pollution, low emission of carbon and thereby less emission of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.  Due to safety and security reasons companies should regulate the traveling through carpooling because it enables us to ride safely and also reduces the air pollution. A drastic increase in the number of automobiles in the society is negatively affecting the environment which is a major cause of global warming and deteriorating the human health. Through carpooling, we can increase the indoor and outdoor air quality and it also reduces a variety of heart and respiratory diseases, bronchitis, asthma caused by air pollution in newborn babies, growing kids and old age people.


Benefits of Car Pooling-

  1. It greatly reduces traffic jams on the roads so, also save time a lot.
  2. Less number of accidents.
  3. It reduces wear and tear of the vehicles and one should become much more responsible towards riding the vehicle.
  4. It reduces air pollution and is good for the atmosphere.
  5. It also reduces the dependency on foreign oil.
  6. It provides the land space for parking cars in the city.
  7. It reduces traveling cost and it also decreases fuel expenses.
  8. During the long traveling distances it helps to save money on toll.
  9. Get company during the journey and also increase the chances of developing relations strong with each other.
  10. Widely increases the ease of commuting that is why it is the better way to release-out stress during traveling.
  11. During carpool one can easily check and communicate with their friends and family, check emails, read news and it rejuvenates the body by taking a nap.
  12. It greatly saves the cost of road repair.

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Wi-Fi Routers – The silent killer at home

The internet has become an important part of our today’s generation because we are totally relying as well as dependent on the internet services to do various work. As internet is loaded with vast knowledge or in other words, it is the best source of education, therefore, people and students are using the internet for searching literature, entertainment and to play games. Further, people access internet for studying online and submitting an online application form even while at home without any delay and with more comfort. However, it provides all the necessary information that we need without any delay. At the time of busy lifestyle, we can easily purchase food, grocery, fruits and vegetables, shoes, clothing, ornaments, books, medicines and much more. Further, we can also hire an electrician and plumber online through different websites. Wi-Fi Internet makes our life so easy that we can easily communicate with the people who live in far places by making video calling, chatting, sending messages and E-mails instantly to the loved ones through social media sites. Therefore, most of the people, especially younger generation cannot expect a life without this technology and that’s why, experts in this field are involving at their best levels to improve this technology. But, we are not aware of the fact that wireless internet routers or the Wi-Fi modems send the signals to access internet services by using electromagnetic radiations which can negatively affect the overall health of the children or in other words, its exposure is the dangerous soup of radiations, if this wireless internet router set up in the home. The child’s brain absorbs more radiations than adults and affects the overall health as the kids have thinner skulls and skin as compared to that of adults. Today’s lifestyle is so dependent on the services of internet that the Wi-Fi routers don’t get turned off even at night and the connected routers are responsible for damaging the health due to the bad effects of radiations. It transmits the radio signals of frequency matched with the microwave ovens use to cook the food. Wi-Fi radiations responsible for sleeplessness, infertility, cellular damage to fetus, DNA fragmentation, depression, hypertension, heart palpitations, headache, poor health, memory loss and brain damage to the human body. Further, exposure to 4 G radiations, accelerate cardiac stress, changes in DNA and so leads to cancer and development of various tumors because these high-frequency radio waves disturb the natural metabolism of the human body. Now we should be attentive about the negative side effects of the technologies at home and the offices.

Wi-Fi Routers- The silent killer at home

How to reduce the exposure of Wi-Fi radiations-

  1. Wi-Fi radiation exposure reduced greatly by increasing the distance. Walls cannot stop the entry of these harmful radiations so, don’t place the Wi-Fi router in the bedroom or behind the bedroom’s wall.
  2. Exposure during night time causes the serious negative effects on the health so; the better way to get rid of these harmful effects is to turn the switch off at night.

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Keep the mobile phones longer and save the environment

In our today’s lifestyle we cannot live even a single second without cell phones and become an important part of our life as these are the fastest means of communication and further, it helps people to connect with each other at any time and from anywhere. In other words, we can say this technology of communication is the boon, but, due to luxurious lifestyle people frequently used to replace their old mobile phones with the new one as an average in about 18 months. People have its addiction because there are so many features available in a single handy device and as the time passes these mobile gadgets continuously gaining attraction of people as well as many facilities. It is the communication, where a signal is transmitted via electromagnetic wave through radio frequency signals. While using cell-phone, electromagnetic radiations are produced in the form of heat, which consists of ionizing radiations and cause harmful effects. These radiations negatively affect the neurons near the ear and skull region and people using these electronic gadgets are prone to several issues like migraines, deafness, memory loss, headaches, burning skin, high blood pressure, hot ear, restlessness. Growing children absorb much more radiations from the mobile phone than adults and leads to smaller heads, higher tissue conductivity. Further, arsenic, lithium, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury and zinc are the poisonous components in mobile phones seep into the ground water when disposed in the landfills and disturbs food chain and cause several health issues. Dumping of mobile phones is not only hazardous, but manufacturing of new cell phones is also very dangerous and both are responsible for the changes in climatic conditions. People used to carry them in their pockets and mobile phone release radio frequency radiations that are greater risks of brain tumors. Lead, mercury, cadmium and hydrochloric acid are the hazardous toxic wastes emitted by the electronic devices into the environment when buried and burned improperly. People throw their old phones in the garbage which go to the land fill and ultimately toxic lead from coatings and nickel and cadmium from batteries reaches to the ground, water and air. These toxic heavy metals cause pollution and taken up through inhalation, drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food which causes a weak immune system, renal failure, heart failure, lowered IQ, infertility and neurological disorders in human beings. People used to carry them in their pockets. However, Li-Ion batteries lacking heavy metals, but due to high chemical reactivity, can cause environmental pollution. Further, it is also responsible for underground fires and extinguishing of underground fires is not an easy task. So, it is our duty to encourage each and every person by organizing workshops, seminars, campaigns, etc. to take the responsibility for sending their old phones to the recycling organizations and help in protecting the environment in which we live.

save the environment

By following these steps, we can save the environment-

  1. Restrict the habit of frequently changing cell phones, this can save your money and time.
  2. If you want to upgrade your mobile phone then, give the old one to the needy person.
  3. If the life of the phone which you are using is finished, send it to electronic recycling organizations because it is very necessary to reuse, recycling and proper disposal of mobile phones to save the human health as well as the surrounding atmosphere.

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Biodegradable plastics- A Boon for Planet

Plastics are the polymers of carbons that created artificially and its waste is a huge cause of pollution on the earth that held responsible for disturbing the food chain by choking natural water bodies, killing land, air and aquatic animals. Plastic bags are used to carry goods, food articles, wrapping and disposal things, but the disposal of these plastic bags is very difficult and is a serious issue for the environment because plastics when buried in the soil take about 500 years and many more years for breaking down into the atmosphere and if burnt they release poisonous chemicals like dioxins. Now this is our responsibility to stop the use of plastics such as plastic bottles, bottle caps, carry bags etc.

biodegradable plastic testing labs

Start using biodegradable plastic is the best possible way to avoid this huge problem. Biodegradable plastic means, it is fully decomposed within half year or 6 months, but this degradation process starts only when the plastic material comes in contact with soil and landfill. On burning this type of plastic materials release toxic fumes and hence, such practice are always discouraged. There are three different types of biodegradable plastics manufactured from various technologies such as PLA (Poly Lactic Acid based plastic), oxo-degradable plastic and starch-based plastic, that can be used for food storage, transportation, building and construction, that reduce the use of plastics in the daily life. But the use and manufacturing of biodegradable plastics is still in infancy stage and are not belong to our country. So, there is an urgent need to develop some innovative and cost-effective concepts that are based on enzyme technologies.

Microorganisms present into the atmosphere degrade these types of plastics by the process of oxidation and produce humus that further converted into carbon dioxide, moisture, methane and biomass.

It is very important for the government to do complete ban on manufacturing, sale, storage, usage, import, export and transport of all kinds of plastics and plastic carry bags. Further, it is advised to publicize the use and great benefits of biodegradable plastics on human health and the environment by the government. Moreover, people should be encouraged in this regard for implementing such type of products in their lifestyle in order to save the planet, Earth from toxic and hazardous chemicals by organizing workshops, seminars, campaigns etc.

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Toxic ingredients in Air Fresheners- Choose natural alternatives

Different types and brands of air fresheners are now available in the market, which is greatly used by the consumers in their homes to emit a pleasant odour and eliminate foul smell. These are obtainable in the form of sprays, candles, oils, beads, and plug-ins and contain four basic chemical ingredients, such as formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, 1,4 dichlorobenzene and aerosol propellants for neutralizing the offensive smell and to create sweet odour. But according to some studies, these compounds are not only responsible for indoor pollution, but, also cause severe allergic reactions, asthma, and respiratory problems. Because home is a closed type of system in which these chemicals impair and trapped the internal air quality of the house and contributes health hazards. These chemicals also harm the pets in many ways.

Air Fresheners

Basic chemical ingredients cause several health hazards:

  1. Formaldehyde causes burning sensation in eyes, nose, throat and other mucous membranes and watery eyes, breathing problems, restlessness, nausea, asthmatic attacks.
  2. Petroleum distillates are responsible for air, soil and ground pollution and cause health issues like respiratory problems, asthma, chemical pneumonia, pulmonary heart diseases.
  3. Aerosol propellants contribute harmful effects on the ozone layer and so, indirectly harm the human health and causes risk of cancer, respiratory problems and several chronic health problems.
  4. P-dichlorobenzene, generally found in mothballs and so, responsible for anemia, skin lesions, liver damage, loss of appetite and changes in the composition of blood.

Perfumed chemicals are present in the air fresheners to emit fragrance which is also cause breathing problems and to minimize the health problems; natural and healthy substitutes for air fresheners are now being implemented to sweeten the atmosphere.

Natural options for air fresheners are:-

  1. Let the windows open for at least 2 hours for proper ventilation.
  2. Use baking soda as an odour absorbent.
  3. Simmer the whole spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper to remove bad odour.
  4. Light camphor and put cloves and green cardamom over it, this will help to create pleasant aroma and purify the internal air by killing the disease-causing germs.
  5. Place citrus fruits like lemon, orange, sweet orange and embedded with some cloves.
  6. For eliminating foul smell, use various herbs and flowers.
  7. Use vinegar for cleaning the surfaces.
  8. Remove cooking smell by keeping a bowl of vinegar in the kitchen.
  9. Use of essential oil, vanilla essence for keeping the internal air quality good.

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Keep ocean blue- Marine life is dying in numbers

Anything which is present in the marine environment that causes harm is known as pollution. There are different types of pollution in the sea like plastic wastes, oil, chemicals, agriculture and industrial wastes and sewage waste as these pollutants can interfere with the life cycle of several aquatic lives. The largest natural water body on the Earth are oceans, which provide habitat to the various animals and plants, but due to a variety of human activities, the marine life is now adversely affected by the marine pollution. Now, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the world in keeping the natural water bodies neat and clean so that the aquatic life can grow and flourish well.

Keep Ociean Blue

Pollution enters into the water bodies by different ways:-

  1. Sewage waste: Sewage polluting waste directly enters into the ocean by sewage, rivers or drainages. This toxic waste reduced the oxygen levels in the water and so decreases the chances of survival of the marine life.
  2. Industrial toxic waste: Disposing of the toxic liquid into the ocean, as a source of industrial and agricultural waste, create ocean pollution that adversely affects the aquatic life. As the temperature of these hazardous chemicals is high, they alleviate the ocean temperature also known as thermal pollution which directly affects the marine life. These chemicals deposit in the internal tissues of the animals, leading to infertility. Aquatic plants and animals cannot exist at elevated temperatures and ultimately collapse. It also affects the process of photosynthesis by stopping of sunlight.
  3. Through oil spills: Oil spill is the most destructive and it is a great source of pollution in the ocean. Crude oil has existed for several years in the sea water and is highly toxic to aquatic life, marine animals died due to suffocation and it is very difficult to clean. Ships are also responsible for the noise pollution, which disturbs the life cycles of aquatic lives.
  4. Littering: It is the huge source of water pollution in the ocean, it occurs when the garbage, including plastic debris, polythene bags, man-made waste are blown through the wind. This waste cannot degrade and remains suspended in the water for years. Small animals got confused and caught the plastic waste for the food and died slowly over a period of time and these small animals later eaten up by the big animals. Animals that died in the majority due to this plastic waste include seabirds, sea turtles, fishes, sharks, crabs, seahorse, starfish, jelly fish, dolphins, crocodiles, penguins, etc. Further, the contaminated aquatic animals are then eaten up by the humans, gets accumulated in their body that leads to cancer, infertility and birth defects. Thus, ocean pollution severely affects the entire food chain.

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Cloud Seeding – For Artificial Rain

Cloud seeding is the process of creating rain artificially with some of the modifications in weather conditions by using different chemical compounds like silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) and liquid propane also used which expands into gaseous form. All these chemical substances dispersed into the air through aircrafts or dispersion devices which change the microphysical action of the clouds. These chemical substances could be fired into the clouds from the ground or more efficiently, released over the clouds from aircrafts with the cooperation of various professionals such as meteorologists, pilots, aircraft technicians, radar engineers etc. This technique is helpful in inducing the rainfall artificially by increasing the precipitation in the clouds; otherwise this process occurs naturally in the environment. In this process rainfall occurs when super cooled water droplets become too heavy to remain suspended in the air, fall and melts on their way to cause rain. This mechanism of cloud seeding has become a necessity in our country, where the agricultural practice is greatly dependent upon the rains and monsoons because natural rains and natural water bodies are not able to fulfilled the agricultural requirement and this steeply raising the demand of water, due to which ground water level is dropping swiftly. Snowfall occurs when the temperature ranges from -7 and 20°C within the clouds. Cloud seeding technique is the worthwhile means of getting maximum rain water at the time of need.

A good option for flushing toxic smog

This revolutionary technology is very effective, especially for farmers that are mostly affected by drought conditions. With the help of this technique needy farmer can able to grow and sell more crops and get rid of the adverse climatic conditions. It ultimately upgraded the overall economy of the country avoiding famine and boosting tourism in the developing nations, as a lot of countries in the world experiencing severe drought conditions.

Further, it can also be a solution of smog, as the artificial raining washes away the toxic smog particles effectively. We don’t experience any pollution in the monsoon, as the level of air pollution dropped to the safe level in the rainy season.

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Agricultural Fires Choke Whole Delhi

 In order to prepare fields for the next crop production, the previous crop residue should be burned or removed or incorporated into the field. Burning of crop residues has adverse effects such as a severe increase in air pollution, black carbon that may lead to changes in climatic conditions worldwide. In Punjab, farmers widely practiced the complete burning of the agricultural waste to prepare fields for the next crop than that of removal because complete removal is more expensive to the farmers than that of the burning process, also it instantly clears and cleans the field, it eradicates weeds including those which are resistant to the herbicide, it also erases pests and slugs, further, it can also reduce nitrogen tie-up.

pollution testing labs
But has several adverse effects on the environment such as loss of nutrients due to burning of the essential nutrients of soil, manifold increase in air pollution from smoke, mishaps occurs because of  zero visibility due to smoke, elevated the respiratory disorders, cause damage to electrical and electronic equipment from floating threads of conducting waste, risk of fires spreading when out of control, it also raised the soil temperature which destroys the beneficial organisms like fungi, pests, snake which ultimately raised the atmospheric CO2 which is a main cause of global warming.

Burning stalk residues can be avoided by implementing these practices like using chemicals which have a faster rate of disposing agricultural waste, compost can be prepared from the stalk waste, it can be used as mulching in the field, stalk residue can also be used to cover the field after sowing in order to develop seed germination, further, it can also be used to produce green coal and an animal feed.
Now to stop this burning process, it is the responsibility of our government to provide information on good and bad effects of burning of agricultural wastes to the farmers and other peoples by organizing campaigns and workshops, provide subsidy to the farmers for purchasing machinery like happy seeder, turbo seeder, shredder, bailing machine, zero seed cum fertilizer drill and if this burning practice occurs further then a strict legal action should be taken by the government.

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Smog Enveloped Delhi’s Atmosphere after Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is a lightning festival celebrated by Hindus and is a festival of sweets, but in recent times this celebration has been totally changed into a festival of crackers and fireworks. Bursting fire crackers is a great fun to enjoy this festival the most but simultaneously these crackers releases pollution that causes hazardous effects on the human health, animals and the environment. Children, pregnant women, newborn babies and old age people are more prone to the negative effects of crackers. So, it is advised to celebrate this great parv as crackers free Diwali. The loud and sudden noise produced by the firecrackers during Diwali festival damages the ear that result in deafness in the people exposed, increases heartbeat, blood pressure, risk of heart attack and sleeping disorders. Firecrackers during Diwali produce pollution that causes a severe damage to the environment and also leads to smog that can be described as a combination of Smoke and Fog. After Diwali the surrounding is completely filled with smog and displeasing smell that stimulates adverse effects on the total health. Smog can occur if there is neither wind nor rain, and it also inhibits the growth of plants and further, it causes serious damage to crops and forests.

Air Pollution

These firecrackers made up of harmful chemicals that diffused into the environment while bursting and elevated the risk of skin problems like itching, rashes, eye infections, sinusitis, respiratory disorders, reduced resistance to cold and lung infections, digestive problems, severe headache accidents and fire. Asthmatic persons are at a greater risk of overall health complications. Hence it is suggested to wear good quality face mask and avoid bursting of firecrackers during the Diwali occasion. Moreover, these firecrackers also raise global warming and increase garbage woes. So, it’s better to celebrate the Diwali festival in an eco-friendly manner by staying away from firecrackers.

Therefore, it’s a humble request to each and every person “say no to crackers” on Diwali or any other special occasions as it’s just equivalent to burning money. Let’s take an oath that we will celebrate the Diwali festival-2017 by organizing parties, get together, playing social games, meeting peoples, sharing gifts and sweets as, this change can bring our family closer during the occasions and further, this forwarding step will protect our planet, family members and makes everybody cheerful as well as intoxicated from the poisonous gases. Avoiding crackers will also protect our loved ones and will bring the family together during such occasions.

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Agarbatti Fumes Harmful then Cigarette Smoke- Avoid it

Hindusian is worlds oldest religion that is originated on Indian sub continent. All over the world from temples to homes in Hindu religion, no puja is completed without the lighting of lamps, dhups and agarbatti in front of God and spiritually. In India, Karnataka is the leading producer of agarbatti.  In every home and we burn dhup and agarbattis in order to make the supreme power God happy, but it can have a negative effect on our health especially on children and old age people. We all burn it unfamiliar with the fact that this ritual can be harmful, i.e. its prolonged inhalation increases the risk of cardiovascular and coronary  heart diseases by affecting the flow of blood , the mutations that DNA changes might lead to cancer and are cytotoxic .

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Labs

Fumes of agarbatti mainly contains the volatile organic compounds and particulate matter that may cause respiratory problems. The fumes generate indoor air pollution, mainly due to carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and formaldehyde that leads to sneezing, coughing, breathing problems.In other words, we can say that it is much more harmful than a cigarette because it increases the risk of respiratory tract cancer.

When the person comes in contact with the particulate matter that present in fumes of agarbattis causes irritation, allergy and itching of skin and eyes. The highest concentration of these fumes associated with neurological problems like headaches, migraines, less concentration and forgetfulness. When it is compared to cigarette smoke, incense smoke is more mutagenesis, cytotoxic and genotoxic.

According to some studies agarbatti on burning emit toxic fumes consists of lead, iron and magnesium that increases a toxic load in the blood that simultaneously affect kidneys. These fumes thereby increase the toxic loads in the body and leads to nephrological problems because the smoke consists of 64 harmful compounds.

So, it is Suggested:

  • Doesn’t burn agarbattis and dhup around children.
  • Only burn these in an open area or in the area with proper ventilation.
  • If necessary, use exhaust to avoid harmful effects of the fumes.
  • Do not purchase the cheaper product as they liberate more amount of pollutants.

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