Ultrasonic Pest Chasers – Best way to repel mosquitoes

Ultrasonic pest repellers are the devices used as a substitute for avoiding inhaling toxic chemicals and fumes of mosquito killers and repellents. It is the non poisonous method of repelling pests responds to the ultrasound. Ultrasound is the highest frequency and powerful waves and is not sensitive to the human ear because a human ear can respond only in a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. But, animals such as dogs, cats responds to 22-25 kHz, rats to 60-72 kHz and insects such as mosquitoes and flies responds to 38-44 kHz. Ultrasound can travel along a straight path when it hits an object; it bends and spread in all possible directions. Animals can produce ultrasounds as well as respond to ultrasound because they have sensory structures like tympanic membrane for detection and they also communicate each other by using ultrasound waves. Mosquitoes have sense organs to produce and receive high-frequency ultrasound waves. Spiders, wasps, beetles, flies, spiders, lizards have the capacity to detect ultrasound. These detectors are found in the antennae of mosquitoes and genitalia of cockroaches. Ultrasonic pest repellers emitted these sound waves will create pressure on the nervous system of the insects and animals and this will confuse them and finally they escape from the source of high-frequency wave device. These devices are greatly used for to repel various disease causing insects, rodents from a particular area. Ultrasonic high-frequency waves are also widely used for scanning in hospitals. Moreover, these sound waves will not pass through the walls like the sound waves. According to the literature and scientific research it is considered as safe and will not cause any damage to the human health, however, ultrasonic frequency near to 30 kHz can be detected by the kids up to a certain level, so it is advised not to use these ultrasonic chasers continuously near the children under the age of 5 years.


Response Behaviour of Animals Towards Ultrasound

  • 22-25 kHz: Dogs, Cats
  • 38-44 kHz: Mosquitoes, Fleas, House Fly, Spiders, Cockroaches
  • 52-60 kHz: Lizards
  • 60-72 kHz: Rats

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Things you need to know about Carcinogenic Nickel Jewelry

Nickel is a heavy metal generally used for making magnets, buttons, zippers, watches, keys, jewelry, coins, stainless steel, electronics, and tools for various machines. An attractive appearance and beautiful mirror finish can be obtained by nickel plating. Nickel metal is greatly used in refining, electroplating and welding industries. Further, things having a shining appearance may contain nickel that is why most of the jewelry articles such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, chains, bangles, etc. consist of nickel, but people should avoid such jewelry and only choose nickel free jewelry. This is due to the release of nickel ions from the metals and easily reacts with the skin to cause skin allergy and eczema. Media should step forward in order to create public awareness and drawing attention of government towards reducing the metal toxicity and various health issues.

Jewelry testing labs

But, nickel is a toxic and carcinogenic metal and its exposure has a significant health issues as well as it create environmental pollution. Exposure to this metal leads to risk of several diseases like lung cancer, breast cancer, heart troubles, and neurological disorders, depression, hormonal imbalance, infertility, birth defects, miscarriage, fibrosis, skin irritation, dysfunctions of the liver and kidneys, high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. Moreover, workers who are supposed to inhale dust and fumes loaded with nickel are more prone to these above-mentioned disorders.

On the basis of the metal toxicity Government should take strict and necessary action for the safety of the common people and the environment-

  1. The Government should ban all the import and manufacturing of the jewelry which consist of toxic metals.
  2. Concerned departments should take immediate and strict action against towards the shopkeepers and jewelers who are involved in selling such toxic accessories.
  3. General awareness should be encouraged by the media, NGO’s and other government organizations, among the common people, shopkeepers, retailers, wholesalers and importers for not selling and purchasing the jewelries loaded with heavy and toxic metal.
  4. Government should establish the facilities of testing laboratories.

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