Plastic Eating Bacteria are Isolated- An Achievement by the Scientists

The deposition of plastic waste in the atmosphere is globally a serious matter of concern and the whole world has to struggle and reunite for cleaning the environment. Earlier Polyethylene has been considered as a non-biodegradable material, but after so many years of research, scientists of Japan have recently discovered a new strain of bacteria that can help to solve the plastic pollution which is the world’s biggest fast growing problem. This can be good news for all of us in order to save the environment from the harmful effects of plastics. The bacterial strain break downs the PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, which is commonly used for packaging bottled drinks, cosmetics and household articles. According to studies, Ideonella sakaiensis with the help of two enzymes hydrolyze the plastic and yield into the basic building blocks that ultimately help in growth.

A Chinese researcher, Jun Yang had plastic bags full of millet in his pantry and he observed small holes in the plastic bags. He also perceived moths along with their larvae in the bags. He and other researchers concluded that the hungry larvae may consume the plastic material; they then analyzed the bacterial gut and discovered that few larvae eat plastic as the source of energy and carbon. Polyethylene chewing bacteria were observed in the guts of the plodia interpunctella moth larvae. This research evidence inspired all the other scientists to search more about the polyethylene degraded bacteria around the globe.

But, still there are certain issues which need much more research in this field like how much toxins and harmful chemicals are liberated during the process of decomposition.

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On the basis of analytical reports, only of the plastic waste material is gathered for recycling and if nothing is done in this area of plastic pollution, and then there will be more of plastic waste on the earth’s surface than that of the all other living beings. Plastic take hundreds of years for natural decomposition. According to the research scientists, plastic waste in the ocean is hazardous for the marine and aquatic life. The discovered bacterial strain digests and assimilates plastic products like water bottles. It also eats low grade plastic in about six weeks.

Rear Your Soul with Yoga- Be Strong, Fit, Relaxed, and Happy

The word “Yoga” originated from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” that means to join or union. It is mainly the union of individual’s Atma (soul) with the Paramatma, the supreme power. This can be further understood as the perfect amalgamation or fusion of body, mind and spirit. Consistent and regular practicing of yoga improving overall body health by accelerating body strength, flexibility, stress free, beautiful, glowing and youthful skin, self control, a sense of calmness and making us fit. Yoga regulates the proper functioning of our vital organs and glands, which balances the hormone levels. However, no medicine can regulate such activities. People don’t feel tired after practicing yoga like in another workout.
Further, it also improves the overall health by overpowering the diseases that even medicines are not able to cure and provides us energy to live our life fully charged and a great sense of proper balance and union between our soul and mind. It accelerates the level of feel good hormone i.e. serotonin and cortisol in the body.

That is why we cannot ignore yoga at this stressful and sedentary lifestyle and ultimately people have to make it an important part of a balanced diet because it really boosts us to stay healthy and fit. Consistent and regular practicing of yogic asanas inhibit the sensation and work upon the various factors like fear, stress, anxiety, anger, increased body weight, hormonal imbalance, osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, chronic pain, carpel tunnel syndrome and even cancer. Regular yogic exercises and pranayama increase the flow of blood and hemoglobin levels and red blood cells that allow reaching of more oxygen in the body, thereby accelerate the functioning of organs and preventing from heart stroke, diabetes, fatigue, insomnia, confusion, psychomotor, performance deficits, nocturnal falls, dysphoric mood, cardiovascular strength, blood pressure, lymphoma. In other words, we can say, yoga is a Miracle, once started and followed regularly, it will guide for the entire life of an individual, and only 20 to 30 minutes of yoga including sun salutation and kapalbhati pranayama everyday can drastically change the life in future by losing body weight and releasing stress that build up in the body and mind. Routinely yogic exercises such as Sun saluation and Kapalbhati pranayama helps in weight loss. It is the best therapy and invaluable gift of our ancient tradition for increasing the inner peace of the body. Whole world adopted an international Yoga Day on 21st June every year.

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Earthen Pot Water – Still be Safe to Drink

People love to consume water with lots of ice in the summer season, because the cold water helps in quenching the thirst. On consuming this type of chilled water can only provide temporary relief from thirst and its consumption is not good for health. Whereas, water stored in the earthen pot is one of the most beneficial ways of consuming water during summer season with huge health benefits, but, the modern generation tends to ignore it and like to consume only refrigerated chilled water which negatively affect the human health. Water stored in earthen pot is healthier than the water store in any other vessel made up of steel, glass and plastic. These earthen pots contain small pores through which water seeps and gets evaporated and ultimately cool down the water stored in it.  It is highly dangerous to consume packaged drinking water after being exposed to the sun because we all are unaware of the fact that how long the water bottles are set in the packaged form. Dioxin and BPA (Bisphenol A) are the most common chemicals which are found in plastics that leach from the plastic bottle into the water and make the stored water unfit for consumption and these are the toxic chemicals which are found in cancerous tissues. On the other hand earthen pot does not release any harmful chemicals, whereas, water stored in it helps to boost our metabolism without any side effects. Earthen pots are cheap, cost effective and easily affordable by the common man thus; this raises the potter’s income as selling potteries are the only source of income for them.

Earthen pot water testing

Benefits of Earthen Pot Water-

  1. Due to the alkaline nature of clay it interacts with the acidity of water, thereby provides relief from gastronomic pains by maintaining the proper pH.
  2. It helps to maintain the level of testosterone hormone in the human body.
  3. It is pleasant and gentle on the throat thus, reduces sickness.
  4. It balances the hormone level in the body.

Harmful Effects of Refrigerated/Chilled Water-

  1. Drinking ice cold water can slow down the digesting process.
  2. It shrinks the blood vessels and reduces the heart rate.
  3. It slows down the nutritional capacity.
  4. It is responsible for increasing body weight.

Therefore, stop consuming ice cold water and consume only normal water to stay healthy.

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Life is Precious – Strictly Avoid Hidden MSG in the Food Stuffs

Monosodium Glutamate is generally known as Ajinomoto. It is a white crystalline sodium salt and is the main ingredient for enhancing flavour in the Chinese cuisine and finally, it has been moved from Chinese food to the Indian kitchen. No doubt its addition increases the taste in many foods, but, its regular consumption can be very harmful for human health, especially for growing children and pregnant women as they are more prone to this chemical ingredient.  MSG-rich food items increase the glutamate levels in the blood by 8-10 times on consumption. It is an excitatory neurotransmitter that over stimulates the nerve cells. Further, high and regular intake of this chemical disturbs the balance of the neurotransmitter which is responsible for adverse effects on the body. People use this in making several recipes for enhancing taste and getting higher profits because it is a cheaper ingredient and also it is easily available in the market. MSG stimulates the pancreas gland that produces insulin even when the sugar level is in range. This extra insulin content causes a decrease in the blood sugar level due to which one can feel hungry and leads to overeating and obesity. That is why MSG is a known silent killer because it shows its effects with the expense of time. It is used in processing of several food items like ready to eat food packets, dehydrated soup packets, dehydrated gravy packets, instant noodles and cup noodles, preserved fish, all types of sausages, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, potato wafers, soya sauce, all canned and preserved food items along with all fast food items, mainly Chinese. So, ultimately such types of food stuffs should be completely avoided and it is suggested to prepare these dishes at home without using dangerous MSG and say no to Ajinomoto.

fast food testing labs

Harmful side effects caused by consuming Ajinomoto rich food stuffs-

  1. Headache is a common side effect due to MSG which can be turned into a migraine and that can be severe.
  2. It causes shortage of water in the body due to which oedema (swelling in the body) and skin irritation may occur.
  3. It also affects the functioning of the heart and respiratory tract. It increases the problems like acidity and burning sensation of stomach.
  4. It is also triggered the onset of stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhoea.
  5. It weakens the muscles of knee and leg by reducing the calcium levels in the body.
  6. Burning sensation is quite normal by its regular consumption.
  7. MSG is a neurotransmitter which stimulates the nerves and leads to an unhealthy body.
  8. Due to regular consumption of MSG in the diet, it causes irregular heartbeat, cardiac arrest, chest pain and much more.
  9. MSG should be strictly avoided in the pregnancy because it causes miscarriage and finally infertility.
  10. It is also responsible for several health problems such as blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, asthma, allergies, and obesity.
  11. This ingredient can also be the reason for causing excessive sweating, nausea, dizziness, weakness, damage to the retina of eye and ultimately leads to cancer.

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Join Carpooling – A best possible way to save the planet

Car pooling is a practice in which more than one individual is traveling in a single vehicle. It is so, beneficial that the number of people sharing a single car mean, less number of vehicles are running on the road.  It is a forward step to make the environment neat and clean by reducing air pollution, noise pollution, low emission of carbon and thereby less emission of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.  Due to safety and security reasons companies should regulate the traveling through carpooling because it enables us to ride safely and also reduces the air pollution. A drastic increase in the number of automobiles in the society is negatively affecting the environment which is a major cause of global warming and deteriorating the human health. Through carpooling, we can increase the indoor and outdoor air quality and it also reduces a variety of heart and respiratory diseases, bronchitis, asthma caused by air pollution in newborn babies, growing kids and old age people.


Benefits of Car Pooling-

  1. It greatly reduces traffic jams on the roads so, also save time a lot.
  2. Less number of accidents.
  3. It reduces wear and tear of the vehicles and one should become much more responsible towards riding the vehicle.
  4. It reduces air pollution and is good for the atmosphere.
  5. It also reduces the dependency on foreign oil.
  6. It provides the land space for parking cars in the city.
  7. It reduces traveling cost and it also decreases fuel expenses.
  8. During the long traveling distances it helps to save money on toll.
  9. Get company during the journey and also increase the chances of developing relations strong with each other.
  10. Widely increases the ease of commuting that is why it is the better way to release-out stress during traveling.
  11. During carpool one can easily check and communicate with their friends and family, check emails, read news and it rejuvenates the body by taking a nap.
  12. It greatly saves the cost of road repair.

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Gemstones- Provides Strength, Peace, Health and Prosperity

Diamonds, emeralds, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire, amber, opal, jade, topaz, garnet and many more are the gemstones also known as lucky stones as well as birthstones. People love to wear these priceless and powerful stones as they have healed medicinal powers that protect us from the negative powers of the concerned planets and also they are familiar for enhancing the spiritual power of our body and keep us happy, healthy and wealthy. In other words, they are known for energizing and healing the health of people, suffering from dangerous illnesses, which makes them so precious and important in our lives. Gemstones are mostly made up of minerals whereas, pearls are made by a living sea organism, named oyster. Gemstones with various colours and powers are worn by the people that should be very close to the skin in order to ward off evil from their lives with a trust that, precious and powerful stone energize us by stimulating positive energy and dispels negativity that bring peace, love, happiness and prosperity. Gemstones have always been considered as precious for bringing peace, prosperity and happiness in the life. According to astrology there is a relationship between nine gems and nine planets in the solar system  because the human body is an island of nine gems, known as nav-ratnas and human body is composed of nine dhatus. That is why it is helpful in the interpretation the relation of gem with the humans. By wearing favourable gemstone related to the moon sign/rashi, which brings name, fame, prosperity, positivity, happiness, power, make life easier and flushes the negative energy which is a major cause of illness.


Ruby- Its energetic red colour enhances self-confidence, circulation of blood, provides vitamin B12 and reduces anemia.

Coral- Yellow colour energy, improves the power of wisdom, ambition, confidence, and helps to enhance overall health and stimulate the proper functioning of the brain, eyes, liver, spleen and kidney.

Emerald- Its natural green colour energy is to provide freshness, peace, happiness, reduce restlessness and control the functioning of the pituitary gland. It is beneficial scientists, lawyer, business and salesman.

Yellow Sapphire- It has the greatest healing power which controls the brain activities and also gives strength to the body.

Pearl- Helps to get rid of depression, loneliness and is the best stimulant for boredom.

Blue Sapphire- It provides vitamin D and gives positive energy towards encouragement, swiftness, and affection.

Diamond- It boosts the pituitary gland, nervous and lymphatic system of the body. It also helps in improving the health of stomach, eyes, ears and migraine.

Navratna- It is the mixture of all colours, denotes peace, simplicity and soft nature. It protects against mental disorders and high blood pressure.

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Ultrasonic Pest Chasers – Best way to repel mosquitoes

Ultrasonic pest repellers are the devices used as a substitute for avoiding inhaling toxic chemicals and fumes of mosquito killers and repellents. It is the non poisonous method of repelling pests responds to the ultrasound. Ultrasound is the highest frequency and powerful waves and is not sensitive to the human ear because a human ear can respond only in a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. But, animals such as dogs, cats responds to 22-25 kHz, rats to 60-72 kHz and insects such as mosquitoes and flies responds to 38-44 kHz. Ultrasound can travel along a straight path when it hits an object; it bends and spread in all possible directions. Animals can produce ultrasounds as well as respond to ultrasound because they have sensory structures like tympanic membrane for detection and they also communicate each other by using ultrasound waves. Mosquitoes have sense organs to produce and receive high-frequency ultrasound waves. Spiders, wasps, beetles, flies, spiders, lizards have the capacity to detect ultrasound. These detectors are found in the antennae of mosquitoes and genitalia of cockroaches. Ultrasonic pest repellers emitted these sound waves will create pressure on the nervous system of the insects and animals and this will confuse them and finally they escape from the source of high-frequency wave device. These devices are greatly used for to repel various disease causing insects, rodents from a particular area. Ultrasonic high-frequency waves are also widely used for scanning in hospitals. Moreover, these sound waves will not pass through the walls like the sound waves. According to the literature and scientific research it is considered as safe and will not cause any damage to the human health, however, ultrasonic frequency near to 30 kHz can be detected by the kids up to a certain level, so it is advised not to use these ultrasonic chasers continuously near the children under the age of 5 years.


Response Behaviour of Animals Towards Ultrasound

  • 22-25 kHz: Dogs, Cats
  • 38-44 kHz: Mosquitoes, Fleas, House Fly, Spiders, Cockroaches
  • 52-60 kHz: Lizards
  • 60-72 kHz: Rats

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This Holi Spread the Colour of Love and Care

Holi is a great festival of Hindus and is celebrated by playing colours in many regions of the country. People celebrate this colourful festival with their friends and family members by spraying coloured water through pichkaris, eat sweets, visit temples and give blessing to the young ones. Holika Dahan or bonfire is an important event on this day. But the toxins and harsh chemicals of colours and smoke released from bonfires are responsible for causing several health issues like allergies to unknown allergens, bronchitis, cough, nasal irritation, allergies related to respiratory tract illness that trigger the onset of asthmatic attack. These colours are responsible for causing serious damage to the overall health which can be temporary or permanent. Synthetic colours are full of toxic heavy metals like mercury sulphide (red colour), lead oxide (black colour), aluminium bromide (silver colour), copper sulphate (green colour). Due to the contact with the harsh chemicals present in the toxic colours destroyed the texture of hair by making them dry, brittle and rough. Further, these colours also cause scalp irritation, dermatitis, eczema and many more. On this day people used to take bhang or cannabis in eatables and drinks, but this should not be taken in excess because it can cause neurological and psychiatric type of disorders. It increased the blood pressure and heart rate, including several neurological problems. To avoid these health related problems we should celebrate safe Holi.

colour testing

Points for Celebrating Safe Holi:

  1. Play Holi only in your friend circle and also do care of your friends.
  2. Don’t wear contact lenses while playing Holi.
  3. Only use natural or herbal colours rather than chemical colours.  We cannot say that these colours are safe, but on comparing with the chemical ones these are much safer. These days’ herbal or natural colours are easily available in the market e.g. Turmeric, Heena, arrowroot, kumkum, beetroot, hibiscus flowers, marigold flowers, tea leaves, etc. is used for making natural colours.
  4. Hair oil like coconut, olive, amla and castor should be applied on the scalp before playing Holi and can be immediately washed. This will protect the hair from being damaged.
  5. Before playing Holi applies oils such as sesame, coconut, olive, almond, castor or mustard on all over the body as these oils act as repellents.
  6. Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly for the protection of lips.
  7. For protecting the nails from toxic colours, apply nail paints that must be removed just after playing Holi.
  8. Use a mask during Holika Dahan.
  9. Don’t consume bhang on an empty stomach.
  10. Don’t play with balloons to avoid injuries.

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Conserve the Natural Resources and save the Planet

The world’s population is increasing day by day and that is why each and every human being has added a significant amount of waste to the surroundings. As the natural resources of our planet earth are less so, we must take care about the conservation of these resources so, that we leave this for the next generations. To conserve the resources recycling is the best option and is also good for the environment because in the process of recycling, new products are manufactured by using the old and the products which are of no use and then converting them back to the new products. Paper, plastic, glass, aluminum cans are some examples that are recycled in greater amount.

23-feb-2017 copy

Recycling is Important in a Number of ways:

  • To make the atmospheric environment clean
  • Conservation of Materials
  • To save renewable sources of energy
  • Reduce garbage in landfill sites
  • Helps in reducing water and air pollution
  • Reduce the effects of global warming in the atmosphere

Recycling actually starts from our home because if we are using an older product instead of discarding then we are actually doing recycling. It is basically an idea of reduce, reuse and recycle. Conservation of things is an important aspect of recycling, in this process, less production of garbage will help in reducing the landfill sites that helps in cleaning the environment.

Testing As a growing concern for the environment has become an important issue nationally and globally, more efforts have been in place to sustain our resources. Sustainable materials are of increasing industrial importance. One such material is biodegradable polymers.

Since the interest for using biodegradable plastics has grown exponentially, there have been a number of standards developed for testing the material. ASTM and IS develops various standards that have been used worldwide and provide a foundation for comparisons of data in testing of plastics in various laboratories. Test methods are ASTM D6400 and ASTM D5988-03 for determining compostable plastics and aerobic biodegradation in soil of plastic respectively. This test method was used because it provides clear guidelines to biodegradability and is designed to evaluate aerobic biological reaction. The ASTM D 5998 method used is equivalent to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17556:2003. First process is biodegradability in soil/compost by monitoring CO2 and second by monitoring loss of mass and reduction in physical properties via tensile testing after exposure in UV Light.

We could save our planet by doing a handful of things-

  1. Discard all the waste from the house which is of no use, packaged in an appropriate container such as paper, plastic and glass and send it to the nearest recycling center.
  2. Avoid using plastic bags, plastic papers and plastic container as much as possible.  As these things are non biodegradable in nature will only create pollution in the atmosphere by filling the landfill sites.
  3. Use own reusable bags to buy groceries and purchase only those items having least packaging as a huge amount of money is spent on these packaging materials that ultimately go to the landfill sites.
  4. Limit the use of disposable things like disposable utensils made up of plastic and Styrofoam.

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Wheat is Bad for Health if you are Gluten Intolerant

Gluten intolerance is associated with the celiac disease and an immune response to a particular protein named gluten, which is found in wheat and other cereals such as spelt, barley, rye, oats, etc. Gluten contains two proteins, gliadin and glutenin and among the two proteins people react negatively with the gliadin part. While kneading the dough, wheat flour is mixed with water, and the gluten protein forms a sticky cross linking network of proteins and also provides elasticity to the dough, which is helpful in the rising the bread while baking, because gluten means glue-like properties. Gluten on reaching to the digestive tract of the person who is highly sensitive to gluten protein causes the immune system to attack both the gluten along with the intestinal wall itself. Due to this reason it is termed as an autoimmune disease and its reaction degenerate the walls of the intestine that leads to various nutritional deficiencies as well as an increased risk of several diseases.


Gluten is wheat protein, which is helpful in baking. All the baked products like bread, cracker biscuits, pastas, etc. are rich in gluten protein. Symptoms like bloating, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, anemia, fatigue, skin rashes, joint pain can occur in the gluten sensitive persons after consuming gluten-rich diet. Further, some of the less common symptoms of this disease include anxiety, headache, nausea, confusion, and numbness and muscle pain, but, there is no special treatment for the people suffering from gluten allergy, but, by avoiding gluten-rich diet or products and taking proper medical supervision one can easily be able to get rid of the symptoms of the allergy.


Naturally gluten-free foods that are safe to consume without any fear, are fruits, vegetables, pulses, meat, dairy products, poultry products and gluten-free products such as bread, baked items and cereals including rice and quinoa. Moreover, it is very important to take advice from a registered dietician because it is effective to follow a gluten free diet. People should always check the ingredient materials for avoiding gluten in order to prevent the occurrence of symptoms are Medicines, vitamin, mineral and other herbal supplements and medication, cosmetics, skin and hair products, lip balm, toothpaste and mouthwash, adhesive glue on stamps and envelopes. Persons suffering from gluten intolerance or celiac disease must be careful about the cross-contacting with gluten rich foods. Cross contacting of gluten free food with gluten-containing foods can frequently occur with- chopping and cutting boards, toasters, reuse of oil, shared utensils and containers, colanders, etc.

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