Are You Teaming Harmful Chemicals Every Day?

We all love to wear colourful dresses, eat a rainbow diet and colourful medicines, as colour is an essential part of the human life.  In our today’s life clothing is manufactured by using nearly 8000 synthetic chemicals by the textile industries which can be dangerous to the human world. Many industries use toxic chemicals like… Read More »

Beware- Your paper slip receipt can be Toxic!

It has been proved by the researchers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (Aurangabad) that paper slip receipt rolled out by the ATM, Shopping Malls, Petrol Pumps, Bus Tickets can cause harmful effects on human health. If this paper slip remains in our hands for more than five seconds, nearly 1microgram BPA remains absorbed by… Read More »

Spectro Achieved NABL for Fire Testing

We feel proud to become the foremost Indian lab to achieve NABL accreditation in the field of Mechanical Testing for Fire Testing (up to 1200°C) as per ASTM E119 for Autoclaved Cellular Concrete Blocks, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks. We have developed a world class facility to provide services related to fire safety and performance testing… Read More »

Leaded Fuel- A Threat to Human Health

 Adulteration of transport fuel may be defined as the illegal or unauthorized addition of cheaper substances/ by products/ waste products into the petroleum products for some monetary benefits. These unwanted chemicals are known as adulterants when added intent ally degrade and change the quality of the transportation fuel and have become the biggest problem in… Read More »

Check LPG Cylinder’s Expiry Life -For Safety and Security

 Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the popular and energy efficient fuel in India used for cooking. It makes the work convenient and easier, but highly combustible and inflammable under pressure and is a kind of living bomb in the kitchen almost all the time. Potential dangers can be avoided by taking good care and using… Read More »

Switch to Public Transit and Protects The Planet From Global Warming

 Global warming is a serious problem and we don’t need to wait for finding a solution to this problem, but it’s our duty next to the government by acquiring more liable life style: starting from day to day things. Before it is too late it is the responsibility of the public to protect the earth… Read More »

Food Passes Through X-Ray Scanners During Security Check is Safe or Not?

 X-rays are the form of electromagnetic radiations and produced when charged particles having sufficient energy hit a material. X-ray scanners used at malls, cinemas, metro stations, bus stands and airports for security check at very low radiation levels as compared to that used in irradiation of food. The radiation levels used for food irradiation can… Read More »

Hidden Dangers in Nonstick Cookware!

Nonstick cookware is designed for low to medium heat cooking and has health benefits including less oil cooking to prepare a healthy meal, especially for the people suffering from high cholesterol and diabetes. Cooking at high heat can cause damage, chipping or peeling of nonstick coated cookware. Nonstick coating allows food browning without sticking in… Read More »

It Can Be Risky if You Turn on AC Immediately in The Parked Car

Benzene is a volatile organic chemical compound that occurs naturally in crude oil and can be produced from other compounds in petroleum. Benzene is highly poisonous in nature that released from the interior parts of the car’s, like dashboard, sofa seats and air fresheners. Its low levels cause drowsiness, dizziness, rapid heart rate, headaches, tremors, confusion, and… Read More »